Auberon Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of brick-a-brack

The aim of our web site has always been to inspire people, show off the best custom minifigures, review the latest products and showcase new talent. Auberon is the first custom minifigure we have reviewed by brick-a-brack and hopefully not the last!

Auberon, or Oberon is the Lord of the UnSeelie Court, and High Consort to Queen Titania of the Fae. This custom is built using a great combination of LEGO pieces including the hood, Series 8 Football Player body armour, as well as the wings from the Valkyrie in the Heroscape set.

Photo courtesy of brick-a-brack

The painted detailing and shading on this custom minifigure is excellent, hence we had to show you the back of the minifigure which is incredible.

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