Arealight Wave 8

We are really excited to preview the amazing new Wave 8 release by Arealight which features a range of printed Star Wars helmets, jet packs, and backpacks. These include (from left to right) the VIZ Jetpack, Dark Comm Helmet, HOG pilot Helmet, BO Hunter Helmet, Flight Trooper Helmet, HVC Combat Helmet, VIZ Merc Helmet and BOS pack.

These new designs are excellent and proportionally accurate while the complex designs are printed to such a high quality and are the perfect way for you to customise your own Star Wars minifigures.

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One thought on “Arealight Wave 8

  1. Those appear to look fantastic, but the photo is so small that it’s hard to see any details.

    I wish that Arealight would have given you higher quality images so we could see the product better.

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