Arctic General Custom Minifigure

Arctic General Custom Minifigure
Photo courtesy of n7mereel

He is the one which gave the most effort during his training. He is the most special kind of our General Section. He is the best prepared one for situations in his region. He is durable, strong and persistent. He is simply the best we’ve got.

Dexter Clifford, Minister of Defence of the United Arctic Resistance.

The Arctic General custom minifigure uses a range of third party LEGO compatible pieces and the white combinations work really well together. Using the white combat legs and breacher head by eclipseGrafx, the camouflage tactical vest and coat look really good! He even comes with a white Combat PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) by BrickArms.

It nice to see a combat minifigure that uses snow camouflage, and this is an excellent photograph!