Apokolyptik Collaboration Custom Minifigure

Apokolyptik Collaboration Custom Minifigure
Photo courtesy of Black Sun Customs

The Apokolyptik Custom Minifigure is a collaboration between Banjax and Black Sun Customs taking inspiration from some of the top custom minifigure creators including Geoshift, Mclovin and Pecovam.

This Apokolyptik is a highly detailed custom featuring a large number of third party pieces including the helmet, gas mask, shoulder armour, tactical vest, sheath with quiver, and knife. The leg decals are by Roaglaan, the body armour, helmet and gas mask by minifig.cat, the frag pouches by Tiny Tactical, as well as the knife handle by BrickArms that was modified with a Warhammer piece.

This minifig has been nicely painted and the camouflage legs look really good, and the base plate and sign really add to the overall appearance. Everywhere you look small details pop out!

Great collaboration guys!