Apocalyptic Demon Hunter Custom Minifigure

Covered in blood this Apocalyptic Demon Hunter custom minifigure by A Civilian is a pretty impressive minifig!

Well I recently got some sculpty and I thought I would try my hand at making so stuff with it. Every armour piece on the minifigure is made of sculpt except for the hood. I think I did a pretty good job considering this is one of my first tries at using it.

We really like the detail put into this minifigure, the weapons go really well and the painted blood finishes off this custom, he looks like he has been in a demon blood bath!

Nice job!

2 thoughts on “Apocalyptic Demon Hunter Custom Minifigure

  1. thats so cool hmm can you do a steampunk because then ill be blown away…..yep ?Blown away!?

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