another custom minifig round up

custom lego minifig minifigures brickarms brickforge amazing armory hazelFirestartoys have really established themselves as not only a real support of custom minifigs and Lego, but the also provide an excellent service, and i’m not saying that because they help to support this site. think about it, they support all the big custom minifigure houses such as brickarms, brickforge, amazing armory, tiny tactical, Si dan as well as smaller newer guys like brick command. more than that they also stock cobi, a fake lego brand whose M1 helmets have always proven popular with the custom lego minifigure community. they obviously stock Lego, not only as sets but also as individual lego minifigures, meaning that you can really cherry pick what you want. in line with (shmails and amorthes project) firestartoys have a tie up with Jasbrick and his brickviet custom minifigs, theres more here too. and they also stock their own range of custom minifigs along with some of their own decaled custom minifigs, see here. they also have a  big range of Chrome parts, here.

Now there’s also some big new, which is they are in talks about launch some of their own custom minifig parts, having spoken to Paul at firestartoys he’s really excited about this new venture, but as with anything, these things take time.

Next, Hazel sent me this, glad to see Jasbrick hasn’t stopped customizing custom minifigs – i think you’ll agree its super awesome and will look good on custom minifigs, even better if we get them all painted up!

custom minifigs lego minifigures brickarms brickforge tiny tactical firestartoys

Brickforge have launched a new site with shmails called, i can only guess its in tribute to this site, how flattering 😀 brickforge have also launched  a Dark Blueish Gray Space Marine Gear and some new items in Dark Green (Electric Guitar & Lamppost). and some of the custom minifig guitars have now got screen printed details in contrasting colours.

brickforge custom minifigure minifig brickarms lego amazing armory