And the winner IS!

So a while back we setup a competition, where the winner would get an interview, their minifig displayed on Custom minifig and of course the fantastic Lego prizes, which was a custom car garage from Lego.

So, today We’d like to announce the winner of the custom minifig competition:


who submitted this custom minifig of a drug baron on vacation

you’ll notice the really nice trench coat on this minifig, which Defenders ‘speciality’

And here’s the interview:

Defender91 is a bit of a creative mind, he’s produced a wide range of custom minifig accessories, from wooden swords, to fabric coats, He’s also a very competent minifig customizer. So here’s a little insight into Defender91’s mind.

so, defender91, tell us a little about yourself?

Well, i am 16 and I live in Connecticut. My real name is Mac. I spend my time ATVing, reading, and of course, playing with lego. I have been a fan of lego since i was two, and my favorite theme is Rock Raiders.
I’ve blogged about your custom sword before and seen loads of your coats, what inspired you to focus on minifig accessories?
I was inspired by MMCB a few years back when i saw their customs and wanted to buy some. My parents however would not let me, so i figured i could make my own, and *snap* like that i was designing and creating customs wearables for minifigs.

you’ve always got stuff for trade and for sale, can you tell us a little more about that? Is it difficult for you to source particular items?

Yes i do sell/trade all of my customs as a way of funding my lego hobby and to obtain pieces that are no longer available. I also trade in order to give others a chance to obtain pieces they want, that i no longer need.

You Just opened BrickLink store from what I understand, fancy telling us a little bit more about that?

Yes i opened a bricklink store for the same reasons that i trade, in order to support my hobby. I saw how much Nannan Z was making from his and decided to give it a go. Also all my customs will be added to the store in the next few weeks, and i have created some very special coats that will only be available as freebies to those who order from my store. All my prices are guaranteed to be lower than the average selling price on bricklink.
as a customizer, whats the hardest part of creating a new piece?
I think that the hardest part of creating a new custom piece is getting the design just right so that people will like it. Also once you have created quite a few pieces it becomes difficult to create ones that are completly different from the others you have made. Some times I will sit down, and an hour later I will have cranked out 5 great new customs or I could go weeks and not make anything worthwhile.

Do you have any advice for beginners looking to get started in minifig customization?
My advice to beginners is, your first customs will not be as good as Hazels, or Jasbricks, but that doesn’t mean you should not bother or stopping making customs, because if you keep trying you will make some really great stuff. If you saw some of my first customs you would probably laugh, so just dont give up.

Obviously we all have of heroes, so, in terms of custom minifigs who would you say you look up to?

I would have to say that my minifig heroes are Hazel and Jasbrick.
thanks so far Defender, any last words of wisdom?
Like I said before, dont stop trying, just keeping going until you get your custom piece just right, and who knows, maybe your piece will end up as popular as Hazel’s or even Brickarms.