a Jaw Dropping Jin Roh custom minifig

as if you haven’t seen enough, be prepared to drool at the talents of Hazel, check out this Jin Roh custom minifig that is bound to wow and custom minifig collector:




You can see all the photos in our forum, sign up here.

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10 Responses to a Jaw Dropping Jin Roh custom minifig

  1. ORRANGE says:

    but the helmet in the midel is not jin roh this is killzone

  2. ah yes, your right, my bad, still you can see the jin roh custom minifig helmet in the last photo, don’t forget there’s more photos on the forum

  3. HAZEL says:

    So quick ~ yeah ~ Mold or Not ~.???
    Do you like it .?? any thing need a fix .?

  4. HAZEL says:

    ORRANGE ~ please finish your killzone helmet too ~in ASAP
    i wanna have one :p

  5. HAZEL says:

    Yes ~ your killzone helmet ~!!

  6. Rainbowman says:

    Finaly!! 😀 Hazel these are very cool!

  7. Ribbits says:

    Yes. You should most definately mold it. It’s quite nice to see Jin-Roh get some Lego love for once. Fantastic job, and it looks perfectly accurate from what I can see.

  8. Kerberos Panzer Cop fan says:

    COOL! what the Price going to be? including S&H? also i know alot about Kerberos Sega and hmm…. you should keep the Helghast mask separate because Killzone has nothing to do with Kerberos Sega in fact that Protect Gear variant is from the Red Spectacles not Jin Roh and hence Jin Roh the Wolf Brigade is a single story and the Sega is not entirely called Jin Roh because the anime’s title means Man Wolf in Japanese but i am just making sure no one gets confused anyway….. cool!!!

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