7197 Venice Canal Chase – 12


(uploaded by no_onions)

Check out the amazing new hairpiece on this new female minifig, it seems like the lego group keeps creating more and more female minifigs, and that’s a good thing, when you make your own hero like minifig it needs a girlfriend, not a cape. Also the new indiana jones torso is very intresting, could work good on a office like custom minifig. I can’t wait for that hair to come out.

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2 Responses to 7197 Venice Canal Chase – 12

  1. I’m guessing Lego, got complaints from the womens equality movement! I like the new hairpiece really works well, more detail and more feminine.

  2. Yes but I think many customizers are going to make some striper figs whit that hairpiece, and one of them is me 😛

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