2011 Ballerina custom lego minifigure

Custom minifig 2011 Ballerina custom lego minifigure

2011 Ballerina custom lego minifigure – a custom minifig creation by Constant Concepts

i always look forwards to constants custom minifigs. as far as custom minifigures are concerned they aren’t the best painted, but they always havea very clean and cartoony feel to them that no one else is doing. also constant always seems to take the time to play attention to a custom minifigs face, often making very unique facts as a result here we have a custom minifig ballerina and as you can see some effort has been made to give the custom minifig a tutu around the waist with what look like cogs from a techic lego set, though one cant be too sure. regardless its an awesome custom minifig

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