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Bunker 282 minifig vignette

Bunker 282 minifig vignette1

Bunker 282 minifig vignette2

(minifig bunker 282 by justin Vaughn)
This lovely custom minifig vignette is simply wonderful, it depicts a Lego minifig underground bunker, along with a surface crew, the minifig vignette was divided in three parts with a gradual slope, the underground parts are made of three colours showing the layers of earth, there are some really nice details such as the fossil skeleton, the stalagmites and a smoke plume, The detail in the minifig quarters are also great with a  periscope and various machines made of Lego.

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Minifig combinations

Part of sourcing minifigs as described Here, is being able to add character to a minifig army and create subtle variations that break up the uniform shape of the Lego minifig and customize them to a vignette or setting. The way that a Lego minifig is made (as mentioned Here) means that by combining a torso and arms piece with a different head or a different Lego, a new minifig can be created, additionally different decals can add to the already limitless combinations, giving a totally customized custom minifig real uniqueness.

Below you can see a photo of the 4 possible decaled Torsos from the dino attack Lego series, these minifig torsos are ideal for any one looking for military special forces style custom minifigs. There are also 4 different combination’s of Heads, two different minifig helmets and two different sets of arms, just considering the minifig heads and minifig torso you already have 16 different minifig combination’s, which is definitely worth considering when you’re customizing minifigs.

Minifig combinations

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Lego custom minifigs based on film characters

Lego custom minifigs based on film characters

(Lego, custom, minifigs, film, characters by Legohaulic)

This is an awesome collection of custom minifigs I can accross on the web, the Lego custom minifigs shown here all use generic Lego minfig parts with the exception of BrickArms weapons, rubber bands and a Lego sticker for an eyepatch.

You can prombably make out The Terminator, Bruce Lee, Rambo and the Lone ranger amongst other. And whats really cool about this collection of minifigs is that it shows you can create some fantastic custom minfigs just by putting together the right combination of existing Lego minifig parts, you don’t have to get custom decals made up.

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Lego Buffy custom minifigs

Lego Buffy custom minifigs

(buffy custom minifigs by Blinky)

Buffy the vampire slayer was a popular series with a cult following and some unique characters, here a custom minifig builder has created all the key buffy characters in Lego, the minifigs are all unique from each other and the majority of the minifigs have a degree of customization, mainly in the form of custom made decals. Below is one of the buffy minifigs with an extremely detailed decal, which really shows how detailed you can get with decals.

Lego Buffy custom minifigs

(willow custom minifigs by Blinky)

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Lego Apple custom minifigs and accessories

Lego Apple custom minifigs and accessories1

(Lego Apple custom minifigs and accessories by unknown)

Lego Apple custom minifigs and accessories2

(Lego Apple custom minifigs and accessories by unknown)

These two photos show how main stream media has clearly had an impact on the way Lego minfig builders have translated this into Lego, Steve Jobs is shown in the second photo with a minfig ipod, whilst the first photo shows a beautiful white minifig with the distinctive click wheel of the ipod as a decal on it. This actually speaks volumes about how to build custom minifigs, because Lego simplifies things, any custom parts also need to be simplified to the core basics to illustrate the object and make it recoginzable, if the object was to be designed too detailed it wouldn’t work well with Lego, if it was too simplified it wouldn’t be recognizable.

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