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Indian army officer custom minifig

 Indian army officer custom minifig by Dunechaser

(Indian army officer custom minifig by Dunechaser)

This is one of those minifigs I’d like to see an army of, i reckon it would look really cool not necissarily in a dynamic vignette, but even just on parade, the turban really defines this custom minifig, whilst the minifigs weapons add to the minifigs ‘function’, this just goes to show how customizing minifigs isn’t just about the decals but about the accessories that help to shape the character.

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Corporation HALO Specialist custom minifig

Corporation HALO Specialist custom minifig by jasbrick

(Corporation HALO Specialist custom minifig by jasbrick)

Jasbrick has done it again, this is by far one of the best custom minifigs I’ve seen, the mask is modified, the helmet is modified, the chest piece is Sluban, and modified, the weapons are Brick arms and the rifle is modified, what I really like in particular is the backback and emergency chute on the custom minifig, its brilliant, all I can hope is that Jasbrick will find the time to a. get me one of these, and b. make an ebook on how these are made.

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Sluban Lego Clone Review

Sluban Lego clone Review

Sluban are a Lego clone company, originating from China, and trading under the name of Oxford in Korea, I’m not entirely sure as the packaging and photos seem the same.

I’ve found various places including Wilkinsons (thanks Jasbrick) and Ebay that sell Sluban.  It seems that Oxford, produce more products than Sluban. Additionally I found a Dutch website that seems associated with Sluban.

The Sluban bricks are virtually identical to Lego bricks and whilst the suffer from being slightly poorer quality anf finish, they seem to fit with Lego bricks fairly well. The Minifigs however are pretty useless, the minifigs are made similar to Lego minifigs with the same joint movements as a Lego minifig, however the significant difference in the sluban minifigs is the Legs, these are connected to the body differently and the Legs are more shaped, in actual facts this actually works against the Sluban minifig.

The one key feature about sluban that is brilliant is the minifig helmet (in this case), and the chest piece which Jasbrick commonly uses, these minifig helmets fit perfectly on a Lego minifig and are Idea for any custom minifig work you might choose to do.

When you consider that the Sluban Box I bought cost me less than £1.50 when I bought it in a market in south east asia, and i got two minifig helmets from it, that’s about £0.75 per helmet which isn’t too bad, and as for the bricks, I’ll probably still use them.

Shop Sluban Lego on Ebay now.

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A Lego Minifig I’d like to see

I’ve got a new project aside from my Lego British Army custom minifig chess set, I’ve seen this image around (see below) quite a few times, and I’d love to to create a custom Lego minfig of it, so this weekend i’m out to get some greenstuff and milliput and start creating a custom minifig Jin-Roh or Helghast troops, these guys are awesome, and I reckon with some brick arms custom minifig accessories and a few sluban minifig helmets I’ll be able to pull off a few of thes, I’ll probably use blank black minifigs for this one and get some fabric parts too.

Helghast, Jin-Roh, custom, minifig, Kubrick, lego, army, military1Helghast, Jin-Roh, custom, minifig, Kubrick, lego, army, military2

Interestingly there is a Kubrick Jin-Roh, which I’m hoping to get my hands on for this as well, I’m sure there’ll be a few ideas that will transfer accross to a custom Lego minifig.

Helghast, Jin-Roh, custom, minifig, Kubrick, lego, army, military3

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Lego custom Minifig snipers

Lego custom Minifig snipers1

(Lego custom Minifig sniper by Legodenno)

Lego custom Minifig snipers2

(Lego custom Minifig snipers by Robbyem)

I found these two custom minifig variations on the theme of snipers on the web, both these custom minifigs use Brick arms Lego custom minifig weapons and fabric elements. It’s these fabic elements that are most interesting in combination with a Minifig, as whist there are robes, cloaks and other Lego minifig fabric elements, the nature of a ghillie suit, which snipers use, means that it’s more difficult to portray this in Lego minifigs, Its interesting to see how each of these two custom minifigs has been able to tackle this problem in different approaches, producing two totally unique and custom minifigs as a result.

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