Nathan Drake Custom Minfigure

Nathan Drake Custom Minfigure

This Nathan Drake Custom Minfigure is inspired by the character in the Uncharted video game series. Nate is not your average adventurer. He’s actually just an ordinary guy on a mission to make money… lots of money! Usually, most game characters have a humble and honourable outlook on life but not Nate. He fills his days by traveling the world hunting for ancient treasures – at least he does it with style!

Nathan Drake Custom Minfigure Back

This digitally printed minifigure features a single sided head, double sided torso and printing to 3 sides of the legs. He comes with arm printing and an automatic rifle.

You can buy this Nathan Drake Custom Minfigure at Mini now.

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Comrade Superguy Custom Minifigure

Comrade Superguy Custom Minifigure

This Comrade Superguy Custom Minifigure is a high quality pad printed minifigure by one81 that features a dark red custom cape.

In Red Son, Superman’s rocket ship lands on a Ukrainian collective farm rather than in Kansas, an implied reason being a small time difference from the original timeline, meaning Earth’s rotation placed Ukraine in the ship’s path instead of Kansas. Instead of fighting for “… truth, justice, and the American Way”, Superman is described in Soviet radio broadcasts “… as the Champion of the common worker who fights a never-ending battle for Stalin, socialism, and the international expansion of the Warsaw Pact.”

Comrade Superguy Collectors Post Card

You can buy this Comrade Superguy Custom Minifigure at while stocks last.

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The Force Awakens Rey Custom Minifigure

The Force Awakens Rey Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of LegoMatic9

This The Force Awakens Rey Custom Minifigure looks really good.

The holster and strap are made from fabric, as well as the two belts, the jacket, and the strap for the bag. The bag is a modified Indiana Jones satchel.

The arms and boots are nicely painted and I really like the holster and overall this is a great custom minifigure.

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Armoured Batman Custom Minifigure

Armoured Batman Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of McLovin1309

This Armoured Batman is a high quality sculpted custom minifigure inspired by the Batman v Superman film.

The minifigure was sculpted by the very talented Brickzalive and he did a fantastic job. McLovin1309 added the sash and glowing eyes for accuracy, and then painted it using Vallejo Model and Vallejo Game paints.

Overall the paint work looks great and showcased nicely in the photograph!

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Onlinesailin May 16 Wave

Deadpool Custom Minifigures

We are really excited to announce the arrival of 12 new digitally printed Super Heroes custom minifigures by Onlinesalin. This bumper release includes Matt Murdock, Weapon X Wolverine, Arkham Origins Riddler, Anarky, Arkham Knight Red Hood, New 2099 Spider-Man, Superman Soldier, Riddler Animated Series, Superman Kingdom Come, Gray Deadpool, Yellow Deadpool and Aquaman B v S.

Riddler Custom Minifigures

You can buy all these excellent custom minifigures by Onlinesailin at now.

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