FST Custom Minifigures

FireStar Toys have just released their first wave of printed custom minifigures which are created in house by the FireStar Toys print studio. They are Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela, as well as an ET minifigure and Gamma Scientist which we really like.

Extra Terrestrial Custom Minifigure

This Extra Terrestrial Custom Minifigure comes with a very nice custom printed “Speak and Spell” 2×2 tile.

Gamma Scientist Custom Minifigure

This Gamma Scientist Custom Minifigure is engulfed in toxic radiation and now in the process of a deadly transformation from minifigure to monster. he comes with a double sided head to represent the stages of transformation.

Be sure to check out the first wave of FST Custom Minifigures now.

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Future Breacher Custom Minifigure

Future Breacher Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

Everything on this excellent Future Breacher Custom Minifigure apart from the base helmet, gun and stun granades is hand sculpted from Fimo. The stand-out features include the visor, and the tactical vest including the satchel on the back. The hands and legs look great along with the shotgun shells on his arm.

A lot of work has clearly been put into this custom minifigure, and the contrasting shades of grey and metallic silver work really well together.

Another great custom minifigure from G-Bricks!

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Detroit Rock City Custom Minifigure

Detroit Rock City Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of Wasi Wings

This photograph of the Detroit Rock City Custom Minifigure is excellent and I love the background contrasting texture.

A different combination of legs and torso may have worked a bit better, however the tattoo on the arm looks great along with the choice of head.

Overall very nice!!

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Robocycle Custom Mini Build

Robocycle Mini Build

Photo courtesy of Project Azazel

This small custom LEGO Robocycle mini build looks really good and features the 2014 movie inspired high quality digitaly printed Robocop custom minifigure by Brick Moc.

The detail at this small scale is really good especially the mount for the front forks and the front piece.

Nice work!

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Bounty Hunter Custom Minifigure

Bounty Hunter Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of ExoBrick

This Bounty Hunter Custom Minifigure looks excellent and is a combination of three third party LEGO custom vendors.

The minifigure is the high quality digitally printed Head Hunter by Brick Moc which features a 360 degree design and arm printing. The painted orange hair piece is by eclipseGrafx from his Kid Flash custom minifigure along with the printed HUD. The HUD mini build is a great idea!

Finally, he is carrying the Offensive Combat Peregrine SMG by BrickArms along with the LEGO Star Wars helmet.

Overall, ExoBrick has turn a very good minifigure into an amazing one with these combinations – well done!

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