Injustice LeYiLeBrick Custom Minifigures

Injustice LeYiLeBrick Custom Minifigures

These 2 Injustice Custom Minifigures are high quality pad printed minifigures by LeYiLeBrick are look fantastic!

Superman features a double sided head and black LEGO hair piece. He comes with printing to the front and back of torso, as well as double molded legs. Finally he has a red custom cape.

Batman features a single sided head and black LEGO Batcowl. He comes with printing to the front and back of torso and front of the legs, as well as arm printing. Finally he has custom black cape.

It looks like only 100 of each were printed so don’t miss out!

You can buy these Injustice LeYiLeBrick Custom Minifigures now.

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Ripley Custom Minifigure

Ripley Custom Minifigure

Ellen Louise Ripley is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Alien film series played by American actress Sigourney Weaver. Fans of the film series will love this Ripley Custom Minifigure.

Made by Mini Ripley is a high quality UV digitally printed minifigure. She features a single sided head and a double sided printed torso. Front and side leg printing and arm printing. Each custom minifigure comes in printed plastic blister packaging.

You can buy this Ripley Custom Minifigure at Mini now.

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Christo Custom Minifigures Jan 2017 Wave

Christo Custom Minifigures Jan 2017 Wave

The first wave of Christo custom minifigures for 2017 sees 5 releases. They are from left to right: Spiderman 2099, Spiderman Symbiote, Aragnidome Spiderman, Batsman and Green Lantern Hall Jordan.

Spiderman 2099, Aragnidome Spiderman, and Batsman are new designs and look fantastic. Spiderman Symbiote is just a white version of his old Spider-Man 2099 design and Green Lantern Hall Jordan is an updated version with a LEGO hair piece rather than the custom one it had.

Limited to just 50, which is an increase from last years 40, these minifigures come in a plastic case with a numbered collectors card, and are in huge demand and hard to find!

The most popular of this wave has been Batsman which isn’t surprising considering the recent release of the LEGO Batman movie.

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Hoth Luke Custom Minifigure

Hoth Luke Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

This Hoth Luke Custom Minifigure is a high quality painted sculpted minifigure by G-Bricks.  The colour scheme matches the Hoth section in Empire Strikes Back perfectly.

The head section looks great along with the detailing on the belt, however the stand-out piece has to be the painted blaster – it looks awesome.

Great work as usual!

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BrickArms Blaster Rifles

BrickArms Blaster Rifles

BrickArms is the number one brand in minifigure guns. With incredible attention to detail, they produces a huge range of real life and sci-fi guns to minifigure scale.

Their top sellers are the Star Wars blasters pictured, but their range covers major wars over the last two centuries, so military LEGO enthusiast can recreate battles with amazing accuracy.

The blaster rifle range includes the E-11, DC-15 and DC-155.

Be sure to check out the full range by BrickArms now.

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