Arealight Camo Trooper Helmets

Arealight Camo Trooper Helmets

Following on from Arealight’s Wave 15 Release comes these fantastic Camo Trooper Helmets. There are four different variants of the Camo Trooper Helmet and they are White, Dark Red, Blue, and Dark Orange.

Each helmet is pad printed onto high quality ABS plastic making it great for play or display.

Shop all the latest Arealight helmets now.

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Samurai Demon Custom Minifigure

Samurai Demon Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

This Samurai Demon Custom Minifigure is another great minifigure by G-Bricks and uses MCAT Samurai pieces with a custom fabric Hakama and the LEGO Medusa head.

Once again this custom minifigure is painted to a very high standard and I love the red dots on the shoulder armour. The banner looks great too!

Very nice work!

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Steel V2 Custom Minifigure

Steel John Henry Irons

Following on from the sell out success of the Steel Custom Minifigure By CustomBricks they have updated him to be completed pad printed. Steel V1 featured a digitally printed torso and custom dyed boots.

Steel V2 Custom Minifigure

Inspired by Steel (John Henry Irons) this pad printed Steel Custom Minifigure features a double sided pad printed head and torso, and pad printed legs. He comes with a custom red cape and a hammer which is custom made from 2 LEGO pieces (Thor’s hammer and a grey bar).

You can buy this Steel V2 Custom Minifigure at now.

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Spec Ops Custom Minifigure

Spec Ops Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of Geoshift

This Spec Ops Custom Minifigure is a fantastically painted minifigure that has been sculpted by G-Bricks.

Painted with a tiger stripe effect the contrasting brown and tan colours work well together, and the glasses really stand-out.

The bulky tactical vest looks great along with the helmet and the weapon is once again painted to a very high level.

A lot of work has been put into this minifigure from G-Bricks sculpting it to Geoshift paint work, and overall the quality really shines.

Well done!

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For the next 5 days (10 Sept 2015- 14 Sept 2015) are offering a fantastic 10% discount when you spend £50 or more. The discount will be automatically taken off at the checkout so there is no need to use a discount code.

This offer includes everything in their sales section. Choose from pad printed Super Heroes custom minifigures by Christo, Phoenix Customs and Muddy River Minifigures as well as digitally printed Super Heroes minifigures from Fig Factory and BrickUltra. They also have a range of digitally printed military torso’s and legs by Minifigs R Us and United Bricks.

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