Forest Sniper Custom Minifigure

Forest Sniper Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of GLaDOS

On GLaDOS’ Flickr page you will see a number of very good painted custom minifigures however the one that really stood-out for me is this Forest Sniper. He features a Modern Combat Helmet from BrickArms along with a tactical vest and backpack.

The black, tan and brown painted camouflage really stands-out on the green background and looks great.

The camouflage head works really well, and he comes with black boots and a sniper rifle that also has painted camouflage.

Overall a very nice combat custom minifigure, and the choice of background makes a great showcase photograph!

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Muddy River Minifigs May 14 Wave

Muddy River Minifigs May 14 Wave

Muddy River Minifigs have just released their May 14 Wave of high quality pad printed minifigures. This follows on from their highly popular Punisher, Future Foundation Spider-Man, Daredevil and Bullseye minifigures.

The minifigures in this wave are (from left to right) Black Suit Spider-Man, Carnage, and Ghost Rider. Each minifigure comes with head and double sided torso printing and the quality is amazing. Ghost Rider also comes with arm printing, and you can buy additional heads which are a Trans Orange, Trans Green, and glow in the dark White.

Less than 100 were made of each minifigure making them very collectible and sought after.

Muddy River Minifigs are stocked at

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eclipseGrafx Mission Rio De Janeiro Wave

eclipseGrafx Mission Rio De Janeiro Minifigures

eclipseGrafx Mission has just released their third minifigure from the Mission Rio De Janeiro theme and he is called PsyOps Support (right). Specter Rio De Janeiro (middle) who we have reviewed was released first followed by the equally amazing Reaper minifigure (left).

PsyOps Support minifigures go through rigorous training in order to remove their old identity and instil the Loyalty, Proficiency, Discipline, and the drive for Excellence. PsyOps Support Units are Loyal to the Core and will selflessly give their lives to support Phantom V.

PsyOps Support eclipseGrafx Custom Minifigures

This PsyOps Support minifigure is cheaper than the Reaper and Specter as it is meant to be an army builder. To keep the cost down it does not come with any side leg printing however I can see the head and printed arm being used on a lot of other custom minifigures.

Both the PsyOps Support and Reaper custom minifigures are by eclipseGrafx are available to buy at If you like combat minifigures I definitely wouldn’t miss out on getting these 2 fantastic minifigs!

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Desert Convoy MOC

Desert Convoy MOC

Photo courtesy of Spencer

These Desert Convoy MOC feature two very good combat LEGO built combat vehicles and 3 fantastic combat custom minifigures.

The minifigures feature a number of LEGO third party compatible pieces from eclipseGrafx including his hugely popular Desert Strike Force minifigure with updated heads. The camouflage printed BrickArms Modern Combat helmets look great and I really like the camouflage printed trench coat.

The photograph looks cool too on the mirrored surface!

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Terminator Gunner Reloaded

Terminator Gunner Reloaded

Photo courtesy of SecutorC

This Terminator Gunner Reloaded is a custom made minifigure and looks great. The stand-out features include the helmet and body armour.

They have been nicely painted with a great choice of colours that go great together. The red really stands-out!

Finally he is carrying a fantastic custom made gun, and again the brown, silver and black work well together.

Overall a great minifigure!

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