Speed Demon Custom Minifigure

Speed Demon Brick Asylum Custom Minifigure

This Speed Demon Custom Minifigure is a very high quality pad printed minifigure by new vendors Brick Asylum. Inspired by the DC Comics character Zoom, this custom minifigure features a single sided printed head and double sided printed torso.

His legs have printing to the front and sides. He also has a LEGO Flash helmet which has been painted black with silver bolts.

LEGO Flash & Speed Demon Custom Minifigure

Speed Demon looks excellent along side the official LEGO Flash minifigure, we just need Brick Asylum to do a Reverse Flash!

You can buy this limited edition Speed Demon Custom Minifigure at Minifigures.co.uk while stocks last.

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Doctor Who Tom Baker Custom Minifigure

Doctor Who Tom Baker Custom Minifigure

This Doctor Who Tom Baker Custom Minifigure is a high quality digitally printed minifigure by Mini Figures.com.

The longest serving Time Lord with a penchant for Jelly Babies. Tom Baker instantly became a hit with ‘Whovians’ and gave the character many endearing qualities, that have ensured fans hold him close to their hearts, even to this day.

He comes with a printed tile and is protected in a plastic collectors case.

You can buy this Doctor Who Tom Baker Custom Minifigure at Mini Figures.com now.

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Iron Man & Captain America Custom Minifigures

LeYiLeBrick Iron Man & Captain America Custom Minifigures

Captain America and Iron Man were a promotional Marvel Super Heroes minifigures set that was given away at the New York Toy Fair in 2012. It contained comic book versions of the Captain America and Iron Man minifigures, and only 125 sets were made, therefore making it very rare and a collector’s item. The Iron Man is the only version with a printed helmet and the Captain America had a different shield from the regular versions.

LeYiLeBrick have just printed custom minifigure versions of these exclusives. The Iron Man is pad printed and the Captain America is UV Digitally printed.

Don’t miss out on adding these 2 fantastic minifigure to your collection.

You can buy these Iron Man & Captain America Custom Minifigures at Minifigures.co.uk while stocks last.

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Twi’lek Custom Minifigure Packs

Twi'lek Custom Minifigure Packs

Arealight have finished the Twi’lek custom minifigure revamp and are now providing packs! Each pack will contain a set of their custom pieces that go together nicely to help get you started with putting together minfigures.

The first wave of Twi’lek packs contain: 1* Printed Tentacle Head, 1* Printed Curved Torso, 1* Head Scarf and 1* Loincloth.

Twi'lek Custom Minifigure Rear Printing

Arealight decided to go back and make a few edits to their old curved torso designs that lacked back printing. These revamps will have back printing to all of them and possibly few additional changes. They have also added an updated version of the head in sand blue, blue, light flesh, yellow and sand green.

Shop the full range of Twi’lek’s by Arealight now.

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The Division Custom Minifigure

The Division Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

The Division Custom Minifigure is inspired by Tom Clancy’s The Division an online-only open world third-person shooter video game which takes place in mid-crisis Manhattan, an open world with destructive environments that are free for players to explore. The player’s mission is to restore order by investigating the source of a virus.

This minifigure features a range of custom upgrades including the hood, arm pockets, gloves, rifle strap, little label on the beanie.

The vest, backpack and belt holster, were all sprayed with matt black paint, as were the feet, torso sides, beanie hat and the Vector weapon. Over his shoulder he is carrying a Brickarms AK modcom.

Finally he is stood on a custom made base which looks great with the broken bricks. Add in the snow effect and you have the complete package.

Keeping this minifigure clean and simple G-Bricks have done a great job and the result is very impressive and easily recognisable to those who play the video game.

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