Batman Beyond Custom Minifigures

Batman Beyond Custom Minifigures

It has been a while since Muddy River Minifigs have released any new custom minifigures however it has been worth the wait. Inspired by the Batman Beyond characters in the LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham video game these 6 high quality minifigures have been pad printed and look fantastic.

Choose from Batman, Joker, Blight, Inque, Mr Freeze and Old Man Bruce. The Joker’s hair has been dyed to match the character perfectly and for me the stand-out minifigure is Inque along with Batman of course.

You can buy these Batman Beyond Custom Minifigures by Mudddy River Minifigs at while stocks last.

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Navy Seal Team Custom Minifigures

Navy Seal Team Custom Minifigures

Photo courtesy of LJH91

These Navy Seal Team Custom Minifigures are inspired by characters from the Battlefield and H.A.L.O video games and look really good. The custom pieces are made out of Sculpey and the multicam has been painted to a high quality using small brushes.

They feature a range of kick ass weapons which have again have been nicely painted however the stand-out feature has to be the mask and helmet on the H.A.L.O Paratrooper minfigure.

Overall a great set of Navy Seal custom minifigures – well done!

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Arealight Havoc Cannon

Arealight Havoc Cannon

This Arealight Havoc Cannon is a heavy weapon to give your troops the edge in battle. Made from high-quality ABS plastic, making it great for play or display!

The Havoc Cannon consists of two pieces: the cannon itself and an additional handle.

Shop all the latest Arealight arrivals now.

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Lady Thunder Custom Minifigure

Lady Thunder Custom Minifigure

This Lady Thunder Custom Minifigure by BrothersFigure is their 14th release and along with the Classy Patriot one of the best minifigures of 2017 so far.

The head, torso, and legs are professionally pad printed. The fantastic helmet and hammer are both designed and custom made specifically for this minifigure . There are two hair colours included which clip perfectly to the helmet and the red custom cape is made of polycotton.

Lady Thunder Custom Minifigure Parts

She comes in a plastic box with a metal numbered /300 collectors plate, and is selling really fast.

Buy this Lady Thunder Custom Minifigure while stocks last.

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Captain Batman Custom Minifigure

Captain Batman Custom Minifigure

This Captain Batman Custom Minifigure is a fantastic high quality pad printed minifigure by SoCal Minifigures and follows on from their Cosmic Spider-Man custom minifigure.

He features a double sided printed head and torso and comes with a printed black LEGO Batcowl with the letter B. He comes with 2 accessories which are a LEGO Batarang and custom made Bat piece.

Red Hood Gang Custom Minifigures

They have also released a pad printed Red Hood Gang Custom Minifigure which looks perfect with the LEGO Red Hood minifigure from The LEGO Batman Movie minifigure introduced in 2017 as one of 20 collectable minifigures released in the movie’s Minifigures series.

Buy these latest custom minifigures by SoCal Minifigures while stocks last.

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