Pulp Fiction Custom Minifigures

Pulp Fiction Custom Minifigures

Vincent Vega (John Travolta) and Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson) are hitmen with a penchant for philosophical discussions in the ultra-hip crime movie Pulp Fiction.

You can now buy these 2 fantastic digitally printed Pulp Fiction Custom Minifigures at Mini Figures.com.

We just need a Mia (Uma Thurman) and struggling boxer Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis) to complete the set!

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Fantastic 4 Custom Minifigure Collection

Fantastic 4 Custom Minifigures

These Fantastic 4 Custom Minifigures look, well how do I put it, Fantastic!

The Fantastic 4 Spider-Man is a pad printed minifigure by Christo and only 30 were made making him highly sought after.

Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Reed Richards are also pad printed and they are by Muddy River Minifigs.

Finally, the Big Thing is by Chinese brand Decool and you can pick  up one of those off ebay quite cheaply.

Overall the quality of the pad printed minifigures is great and as a collection they look great together.

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Onlinesailin’s Comic Book MOC Competition Results

Onlinesailin's Comic Book MOC Competition Results

With over 45 amazing entries it was very difficult to decide on the winner and runners up to this great competition run by Onlinesailin.

The Flash No.123 Flash of Two Worlds

Photo courtesy of Andrew Cookston

The Winner: The Flash No.123 Flash of Two Worlds

The Infinity Gauntlet (1991)

Photo courtesy of agoodfella minifigs

Runner Up: The Infinity Gauntlet (1991)

Batman The Dark Knight Returns

Photo courtesy of pollywog15

2nd Runner Up:Batman The Dark Knight Returns

The raffle prize winner was Valtias.

Well done to everyone who entered and made this a very enjoyable competition! Also a very big thank you to Onlinesailin for hosting it and supplying the prizes.

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Imperial City Watch Custom Minifigure

Imperial City Watch Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of André S

This Imperial City Watch Custom Minifigure by André S looks incredible.

It features the City Watch Helmet and Armour by BrickWarriors which has been beautifully painted silver with gold highlights. The painted metal is to a very high standard and finished off perfectly with painted scrolls.

The vambraces look great and the extra sculpted pieces add to the overall look of the minifigure. While the halberd by BrickWarriors that he is holding is again wonderfully painted.

Overall a great custom minifigure – well done!

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LEGO Money Packs

Firestar Toys print studio now have their own digital printer and they plan to produce a range of minifigure accessory packs. They are beautifully packed, so they will make awesome gifts for any LEGO fans you know! The design is directly printed on to the LEGO pieces for a perfect resistant finish.

Firestar Toys British Pound Notes Pack

The British Pound Notes Pack contains 3x £20 Note, 1x £10 Note, 1x £5 Note, and 5x £50 Note. Even the Queen has had a LEGO make over!

Firestar Toys US Dollar Notes Pack

The US Dollar Notes Pack contains 5x $100 Note, 3x $50 Note, 1x $10 Note and 1x $5 Note.

The packs are good value containing 10 tiles in varying denominations, so whether you are building a bank robbery or shop these will fit seamlessly into your build.

You can buy these LEGO Money Packs at Firestar Toys now.

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