U.S Agent Custom Minifigure

Marvel U.S Agent

John Walker wore a variation of the costume that Rogers had worn as the Captain and using his vibranium disc as a shield. He was first seen as the U.S. Agent, battling an Iron Monger as a test for the Commission.

U.S Agent Christo Custom Minifigure

This U.S Agent Custom Minifigure is a fantastic pad printed minifigure by Christo and features printing on the front of the head and silver Captain America wings on the sides. He comes with a double sided printed torso and printed legs on the front and sides.

Made in very limited quantities – don’t miss out!

You can by this U.S Agent Custom Minifigure at Minifigures.co.uk now.

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Apoc Sniper Custom Minifigure

Apoc Sniper Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of SecutorC

This Apoc Sniper Custom Minifigure is an apocalyptic World War III inspired future soldier sniper. The contrasting green colour scheme looks great and his armour has a very nice worn distressed look about it.

The stand-out feature is definitely the sniper rifle and the painted silver pieces look great.

What I really like about SecutorC’s work is the backgrounds he uses to showcase the custom minifigures.

Great work!

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Brickforge Historical Accessory Packs

Brickforge have been offering their unique brand of accessories to the LEGO community since 2006. Their accessory packs are great value for money and feature detailed armor and weaponry straight out of the pages of history. Ideal for equipping your favorite minifigure hero or an entire battalion of troops !

Brickforge Roman Legionary Pack

This Roman Legionary Pack features a Legionary Helmet, Commander Crest, Waist Armor, Roman Shield, Neck Armor, Segmented Pauldrons, Pilum and Gladius.

Brickforge Medieval Crusader Pack

This Medieval Crusader Pack features a Crusader Helmetm, Double Plume, Tunic, Waist Armor, Knight Shield, Sovereign Sword and Wizard Sword.

Shop the full range of Historical packs by Brickforge now.

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X-Files Custom Minifigures

The truth is out there somewhere with the BriX-Files Agent Mully and Agent Sculder. Inspired of course by the American science fiction horror drama television series The X-Files these custom minifigures are digitally printed and come in a plastic case with a printed collectors card.

Agent Mully Custom Minifigure

Agent Mully will use science, rather than belief in the unknown, to find the truth behind the conspiracies.

Agent Sculder Custom Minifigure

Agent Sculder is half of the special two member team that will find those pesky Aliens and unravel the conspiracies to reveal the awesome truth.

These BriX-Files Custom Minifigures available to buy at Mini Figures.com now.

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Spartan Verse Batgirl Custom Minifigure

Spartan Verse Batgirl Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of SpartanBricks

This Spartan Verse Batgirl Custom Minifigure looks really good. At first I thought SpartanBricks had used a female Arealight torso however he has used a standard LEGO piece which has been modified.

The red and gold painted detailing stands-out and was painted using a mixture of mix of toothpicks and high-detail brushes. Finally the sword sheath is made out of paper.

Very nice custom minifigure!

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