SFXminifigures Wave 4

SFXminifigures Wave 4

SFXminifigures continue their quest to release a range of fantastic pad printed Super Heroes custom minifigures. Wave 4 features a classic comic book Crossbones, Baron Helmut Zemo and Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker.

Since we last blogged about them they have also released Robbie Reynes Ghost Rider, Blazing Skull, Heat Wave and Super Adaptoid.

Once again SFXminifigures have only released a small print run of around 50, so if you want to grab one of these excellent pad printed custom minifigures you will have to be quick!

You can buy the full range of SFXminifigures Custom Minifigures at Minifigures.co.uk while stocks last.

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Lost Verse Punisher Custom Minifigure

Lost Verse Punisher Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of TheLostMinifig


This Lost Verse Punisher Custom Minifigure features a range of third party pieces and looks excellent.

The pad printed vest is by eclipseGrafx and the helmet is by Modern Brick Warfare. The tally marks are a great addition, and the vambraces, shoulder pads and knee pads work really well.

Finally the weathering on the guns is a very nice touch, and overall I really rate this custom minifigure.

Nice job – well done!

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S.A.S Kitbash Custom Minifigure

S.A.S Kitbash Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of R.Goff1


This S.A.S Kitbash Custom Minifigure is another great minifigure by G-Bricks. It is inspired by a Hot Toys S.A.S design and is packed full of fantastic detailing.

The gas mask is sculpted with a modified Minifig.cat filter while the Leg and torso assemblies and hands are from the G-Bricks Custom Military Figure set.

He feature a range of Tiny Tactical pieces which always compliment a G-Bricks custom minifigure.

Once again the painting is to the highest quality and the green and tan are great contrasts.

Finally he is standing on a custom made base which looks great!

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Rip Hunter Custom Minifigure

Rip Hunter Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of Brickophilia


As a huge fan of the TV series Legends of Tomorrow it is great to see this Rip Hunter Custom Minifigure by Brickophilia.

The hair is a regular LEGO hair piece which has been sculpted on the left side and sanded the right. The e-tape straps which cross over the chest and belt are a great touch, while the big blue pockets are made from layers of card-like paper. Finally the jacket is also made from thick paper and the cuffs are e-tape.

Overall Rip is painted to a very high standard and all the custom pieces bring this custom minifigure to life.

Lastly, the laser gun is made from a regular LEGO revolver, painted black with light blue, and grey details.

Another fantastic minifigure by Brickophilia – well done!

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American Unit Custom Minifigures

American Unit Custom Minifigures

Photo courtesy of Immediate~C

These American Unit Custom Minifigures are three of the template DRNA soldiers from the apoc series Salted State.

Each one features a tactical vest, weapon and helmet and come with a different camouflage. They are nicely painted and the stand-out feature is definitely the painted masks.

Nice set of 3 custom minifigures!

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