Onlinesailin May 16 Wave

Deadpool Custom Minifigures

We are really excited to announce the arrival of 12 new digitally printed Super Heroes custom minifigures by Onlinesalin. This bumper release includes Matt Murdock, Weapon X Wolverine, Arkham Origins Riddler, Anarky, Arkham Knight Red Hood, New 2099 Spider-Man, Superman Soldier, Riddler Animated Series, Superman Kingdom Come, Gray Deadpool, Yellow Deadpool and Aquaman B v S.

Riddler Custom Minifigures

You can buy all these excellent custom minifigures by Onlinesailin at now.

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Wasteland Angel Custom Minifigure

Wasteland Angel Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

This excellent Wasteland Angel Custom Minifigure is inspired by the ‘Metro’ games series, and showcased with the The Last of Us background.

The jacket is made from sniper tape and the bike has got a few custom elements (headlight, engine cover, exhaust pipe, brake/clutch levers)

This minifigure features all the signature G-Bricks pieces such as the gas mask, tactical vest and satchels on the bike, however what impressed me the most was the high quality paint work. The hairpiece looks amazing along with the rifle and the gleam on the gas mask.

Overall another great scene from G-Bricks!

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Mad Hatter Custom Minifigure

Mad Hatter Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of TheMooseFigs

This Mad Hatter is another great custom minifigure by TheMooseFigs. We highly recommend you check out his Flickr page.

His hat and coat are by BrickWarriors and  the modifications to the coat look really good. His bow tie has been sculpted using green stuff and his cuffs, hat label, and the sides of his torso are electrical tape.

He has short legs with a grill piece over them in order to make him short but not as short as standard short legs.

The standard of painting is really high and overall he looks a great custom minifigure.

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Boris Johnson Custom Minifigure

Boris Johnson Custom Minifigure

This high quality digitally printed Boris Johnson Custom Minifigure is by the print design team over at Mini

The much loved Mayor of London is eccentric, utterly bonkers and several LEGO bricks short of a LEGO set. He is more famous for his numerous high profile mishaps, than he is for his governance of the great city. Despite all of this, Londoners adore him and he can (almost) do no wrong. Bets are already on, that he will become Prime Minister, despite his gamble of throwing his considerable weight behind the ‘Brexit’ campaign.

Boris Johnson Custom Minifigure Packaging

He comes with a printed Metro tiles and high quality packaging with a printed card.

You can buy this Boris Johnson Custom Minifigure at Mini now.

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Red Mandalorian Custom Minifigure

Red Mandalorian Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of ExoBrick

This Red Mandalorian Custom Minifigure by ExoBrick looks really good and has been put together using some great LEGO compatible third party pieces.

The brown plastic flowing cape is by Arealight / Printed arms (Amon minifig): (Solid Brix Studios) / Torso (back side): TLC Gamora / Photoshopped legs: top – TLC Gamora; bottom – Crimson Archer (Brickmoc) / Custom “Pre Vizsla” darksaber.

The photograph really showcases the minifigure and the LEGO build in the background looks very interesting!

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