Shay Patrick Cormack Assassins Creed Rouge Custom Minifigure

Shay Patrick Cormack Assassin's Creed Rouge Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of Logan Fulford

This Shay Patrick Cormack – Assassins Creed Rouge Custom Minifigure is an excellent sculpted minifigure.

His hair, arms, torso and pieces of the cloak tail bit are made from an air dry sculpting material called Greenstuff. His coat is also made from bit of paper which is super glue on to strengthen it. His hair, collar and back belt are all removable as well.

His gun is a heavily modified LEGO rifle, the pull back part on the rifle also moves, with bits cut off and pieces of Greenstuff. His sword is also a modified LEGO one.

His head is a modified LEGO Boba Fett head. Finally the minifigure was painted using Craft Smart and Citadel Base paints.

Great minifigure – nice work!

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Arachnid Hero Spider-Man Custom Minifigure

Arachnid Hero Spider-Man Custom Minifigure

This fantastic Arachnid Hero Spider-Man Custom Minifigure is by Phoenix Customs and was voted by many Super Heroes LEGO collectors on Flickr as the best custom minifigure of 2014.

This minifigure features high quality pad printing (just like LEGO) almost everywhere, including both the front and back head (featuring silver speckles on the eyes), silver mesh printing on the front torso, back torso, arms, front legs, and side legs.

This is a must for all Spider-Man minifigure collectors and is selling out pretty quick, so don’t miss out! He also comes with a printed collectors card.

You can buy this Arachnid Hero Spider-Man Custom Minifigure at

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Future Gunner Custom Minifigure

Future Gunner Custom Minifigure Front

Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

This Future Gunner Custom Minifigure is another excellent commission piece by G-Bricks. The sculpted pieces on this future soldier look amazing. Most of the pieces on this minifigure were made from Fimo, with just the pouches and gloves made from epoxy.

The paint work is to a very high quality and I really like the camouflage colours, also the minigun looks fantastic.

Future Gunner Custom Minifigure Back

Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

The back of the minifigure is just as good and the minigun pack and ammo belt is very nicely sculpted.

Overall this is one of my favourire G-Bricks minifigures and the photograph really showcases him – somebody is going to be a very lucky person!

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Ebenezer Scrooge Custom Minifigure

Ebenezer Scrooge Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of JoshuaDv

As it is coming up to Christmas it is nice to see people making their own festive LEGO custom minifigures. From Dickens A Christmas Carol, the old miser himself, Mr. Scrooge, played by George C. Scott.

This is a great likeness and if you check out JoshuaDv’s Flickr stream you will see some fantastic A Christmas Carol LEGO MOC scenes.

Nice work!

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