Weird War II Nazi Super Soldier Custom Minifigure

Weird War II Nazi Super Soldier Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

G-Bricks has been busy again and the result is this fantastic Weird War II – Nazi Super Soldier Custom Minifigure. He comes complete with a “Super Armour shredding claw” and a steroid pumped body, born from battle hardened veterans, who could no longer serve, due to arm amputations. He also comes with a modded MP40 by Jesse (Bowbrick) on Flickr.

The combination of hardcore biker and german soldier really works well, and he comes with lots of fine details including the chest, boots, dagger, and ammo clips. The highlights of this minifigure have to be the sculpted arm and super detailed skull mask.

Finally, it is painted to a very high standard.

Great work!

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Hunter Destiny Custom Minifigure

Hunter Destiny Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of Geoshift

This Hunter Destiny Custom Minifigure looks fantastic and Hunters in Destiny are sometimes referred to as “gunslingers”, so Geoshift wanted this one to have a bit of western flavor. The armour is once again by Brick Affliction and the amazing weapon is by BrickArms.

The combination of colours work well together and painted to a very high standard. The visor really stands-out and the background scene really adds to the overall picture.

Very nice!

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German KSK Custom Minifigure

German KSK Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of KalSkirata

This German KSK Custom Minifigure is from the German Army Special Forces and looks great and uses a range of third party LEGO compatable pieces.

The Tactical Vest is the dark tan Plate Carrier by CombatBrick, and there are a number of Tiny Tactical pieces such as the knee pads. The rifle which has been nicely painted is supposed to be a G3 DMR with an RIS, and the gloves are sculpted by G-Bricks.

Overall this minifigure looks great and the painted camouflage is very impressive.  I really like the modifications to the tactical vest, where the pouches have been filed to give them a more rounded look.

Great custom minifigure!

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The Mummy Custom Minifigure

The Mummy Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of SecutorC

The Mummy Custom Minifigure looks great with some very nice sculpting work to create the bandages and fantastic paintwork to produce the shading.

The weapons go really well with the minifigure and overall it is a very creative piece of work.

Well done!

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