The Dark Knight Custom Minifigures

The Dark Knight Custom Minifigures

Photo courtesy of Shoco

It is always nice to uncover a member of the LEGO custom minifigure on Flickr that people haven’t seen or heard of before, and you definitely need to check out Shoco’s Flickr stream.

He has so many fantastic custom minifigures that we would be on weeks showcasing them all, so as a huge Batman fan I am delighted to blog about his Dark Knight custom minifigures.

The sculpting, detail, and paintwork is amazing and my favourite has to be Bane. The legs and mask look fantastic and are on a high level along with G-Bricks.

Over stand-out features include the jokers hair piece and waistcoat, and the vambraces on Batman.

Overall these Dark Knight custom minifigures are amazing and it is worth checking out his other work.

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The Archer SH Custom Minifigs Custom Minifigure

The Archer SH Custom Minifigs

SH Custom Minifigs are a brand new vendor who are are looking to make an instant impact on the LEGO custom minifigure community with The Archer. Inspired by the Season 4 Green Arrow costume this minifigure is a very high quality pad printed custom minifigure.

Using only brand new LEGO pieces this custom minifigure features a double sided head, front and back torso printing and printing to the front of the legs. He also comes with arm printing and a green LEGO hood.

The Archer Arm Printing

The design looks amazing and the stand-out features include the green mask and the arm printing.

Made in very limited quantities this custom minifgure is sure to sell out very quickly!

You can buy The Archer Custom Minifigure exclusively at while stocks last.


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Bullseye Custom Minifigures

Bullseye Custom Minifigures

LEGO game versions of the popular character Bullseye have been released by a number of top custom minifigure vendors. It is a shame that with so many characters to choose from we get 3 of the same one. All 3 of these minifigures are pad printed to the same quality of LEGO and are printed on brand new LEGO pieces, so which one would you choose?

From Left to Right – ChristoMuddy River MinifigsNACM)

I really like the boot printing of the Christo version, the head of the MRM version and the torso of the NACM version!

All 3 of these Bullseye Custom Minifigures are available to buy at while stocks last!


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LEGO Halloween Minifigures

LEGO Halloween Minifigures

Firestar Toys have a fantastic collection of SPOOKY HALLOWEEN minifigures and pieces that make perfect gifts for the holidays.

Check out their super scary selection of LEGO minifigures and custom minifigures that include the Spider Lady, Skeleton Guy, Banshee, Spectre, Zombies, Pumpkin King and Holloween Mummy.

Shop at these Halloween Minifigures at Firestar Toys now.

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U.S Agent Custom Minifigure

Marvel U.S Agent

John Walker wore a variation of the costume that Rogers had worn as the Captain and using his vibranium disc as a shield. He was first seen as the U.S. Agent, battling an Iron Monger as a test for the Commission.

U.S Agent Christo Custom Minifigure

This U.S Agent Custom Minifigure is a fantastic pad printed minifigure by Christo and features printing on the front of the head and silver Captain America wings on the sides. He comes with a double sided printed torso and printed legs on the front and sides.

Made in very limited quantities – don’t miss out!

You can by this U.S Agent Custom Minifigure at now.

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