Lady Thunder Custom Minifigure

Lady Thunder Custom Minifigure

This Lady Thunder Custom Minifigure by BrothersFigure is their 14th release and along with the Classy Patriot one of the best minifigures of 2017 so far.

The head, torso, and legs are professionally pad printed. The fantastic helmet and hammer are both designed and custom made specifically for this minifigure . There are two hair colours included which clip perfectly to the helmet and the red custom cape is made of polycotton.

Lady Thunder Custom Minifigure Parts

She comes in a plastic box with a metal numbered /300 collectors plate, and is selling really fast.

Buy this Lady Thunder Custom Minifigure while stocks last.

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Captain Batman Custom Minifigure

Captain Batman Custom Minifigure

This Captain Batman Custom Minifigure is a fantastic high quality pad printed minifigure by SoCal Minifigures and follows on from their Cosmic Spider-Man custom minifigure.

He features a double sided printed head and torso and comes with a printed black LEGO Batcowl with the letter B. He comes with 2 accessories which are a LEGO Batarang and custom made Bat piece.

Red Hood Gang Custom Minifigures

They have also released a pad printed Red Hood Gang Custom Minifigure which looks perfect with the LEGO Red Hood minifigure from The LEGO Batman Movie minifigure introduced in 2017 as one of 20 collectable minifigures released in the movie’s Minifigures series.

Buy these latest custom minifigures by SoCal Minifigures while stocks last.

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Crimson Cross Custom Minifigure

Crimson Cross Custom Minifigure

This Crimson Cross Custom Minifigure by KO Custom Minifigs is another high quality pad printed minifigure. He comes with 2 custom laser cut acrylic plastic X accessories which are the same thickness as a LEGO til which have been custom cut and a dual sided black/gray cap.

He features a single sided head and double sided printed torso and 2 sets of hands. The minifigure comes with two unprinted hands but he also has printed hands as a free gift. As the hand printing is fragile KO Custom Minifigs will unfortunately not be able to send replacements if the hand printing gets damaged.

Crimson Cross Packaging

Finally this limited edition custom minifigure comes in a plastic box with a printed collectors card.

You can buy this Crimson Cross Custom Minifigure at while stocks last!

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SFXminifigures Wave 4

SFXminifigures Wave 4

SFXminifigures continue their quest to release a range of fantastic pad printed Super Heroes custom minifigures. Wave 4 features a classic comic book Crossbones, Baron Helmut Zemo and Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker.

Since we last blogged about them they have also released Robbie Reynes Ghost Rider, Blazing Skull, Heat Wave and Super Adaptoid.

Once again SFXminifigures have only released a small print run of around 50, so if you want to grab one of these excellent pad printed custom minifigures you will have to be quick!

You can buy the full range of SFXminifigures Custom Minifigures at while stocks last.

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Lost Verse Punisher Custom Minifigure

Lost Verse Punisher Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of TheLostMinifig


This Lost Verse Punisher Custom Minifigure features a range of third party pieces and looks excellent.

The pad printed vest is by eclipseGrafx and the helmet is by Modern Brick Warfare. The tally marks are a great addition, and the vambraces, shoulder pads and knee pads work really well.

Finally the weathering on the guns is a very nice touch, and overall I really rate this custom minifigure.

Nice job – well done!

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