Sluban Lego Clone Review

Sluban Lego clone Review

Sluban are a Lego clone company, originating from China, and trading under the name of Oxford in Korea, I’m not entirely sure as the packaging and photos seem the same.

I’ve found various places including Wilkinsons (thanks Jasbrick) and Ebay that sell Sluban.  It seems that Oxford, produce more products than Sluban. Additionally I found a Dutch website that seems associated with Sluban.

The Sluban bricks are virtually identical to Lego bricks and whilst the suffer from being slightly poorer quality anf finish, they seem to fit with Lego bricks fairly well. The Minifigs however are pretty useless, the minifigs are made similar to Lego minifigs with the same joint movements as a Lego minifig, however the significant difference in the sluban minifigs is the Legs, these are connected to the body differently and the Legs are more shaped, in actual facts this actually works against the Sluban minifig.

The one key feature about sluban that is brilliant is the minifig helmet (in this case), and the chest piece which Jasbrick commonly uses, these minifig helmets fit perfectly on a Lego minifig and are Idea for any custom minifig work you might choose to do.

When you consider that the Sluban Box I bought cost me less than £1.50 when I bought it in a market in south east asia, and i got two minifig helmets from it, that’s about £0.75 per helmet which isn’t too bad, and as for the bricks, I’ll probably still use them.

Shop Sluban Lego on Ebay now.

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Lego Gambit custom minifig

Lego Gambit custom minifig

(Lego custom minifig Gambit by Ozzyfortune)

Xmen was great, both the films and the comics were part of my childhood, in the same way that Lego was, so this custom minifig of  gambit for the xmenis a bit special, its got some really detailed and well applied decals and the minifig head is really nice, the minifig hair is a custom part from what i remember.

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Stickfas custom minifig accessories

Stickfas custom minifig accessories

(custom minifigs by tigerggyy)

 Stickfas mak custom minifigs, not Lego scale minifigs, but about 5/6inches tall, they are non-descript which makes them great for customizing, interestingly however, the hands of a stickfas are the same as Lego minifigs, which means that the stickfas accessories can be used with Lego minifigs. And they look great particularly the mortar in the vignette above.

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Alien Minifig by jasbrick

Alien Minifig by jasbrick

(alien custom minifig by jasbrick)

This is jasbricks latest creation, its an Alien custom minifig, or it could be some sort of space suit minifig but I’m not sure, there’s a lot of custom work done to this minifig, but personally its not my cup of tea, Jasbricks brickviet, and corporation custom minifigs are better in my opinion, but I can repect this minifig for its innovation and creativity, particularly the helmet and mask.

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Lego custom minifig work bench

Lego custom minifig work bench

(Lego custom minifig work bench by hinckley39)

This charming Lego minifig scale workbench has loads of standard minifig accessories, and its these minifig accessories that help define this as a work bench and what kind of work beck, it certainly wouldn’t look out of place in a Lego car workshop vignette.

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