Lego custom minifig soldier

Sig-Fig A.Co. Style_Side by Commander Dominance

(Lego custom minifig by Commander Dominance)

Check out the back pack radio on this custom minifig, and the fabric holster, sweet eh? It’s quite cool to see that a Lego minifig hammer has been used as an arial on this custom  minifigs back pack, the rifle is a brick arms m16, also, check out the knife holder under the back pack, that really works and looks really cool.

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More corporation custom minifigs by Jasbrick

More corporation custom minifigs by Jasbrick1More corporation custom minifigs by Jasbrick2

More corporation custom minifigs by Jasbrick3

(Lego corporation custom minifigs by Jasbrick)

Jasbrick, apparently managed to cut himself, which has relegated him to not being able to work on custom minifigs for a while…but you wouldn’t be able to tell with these new custom minifigs he’s made, as part of his corporation series of custom minifigs, you can find the last artcle about it here. The corporation minifigs are the nemisis for the brickviet custom minifigs Jasbrick made, you can find out more about those here.

What I really like about his corporation minifigs is the eye piece, which i think is a modified lego piece. Jasbrick has also modifed several Brickarms custom minifig parts. and he’s used a few sluban minifig accessories as well. Whilst the accountant minifig, the one in the top left looks simplest, its my favorite, its simple and uses plenty of original Lego parts, but it works.

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British Troops custom minifigs

British Troops by kojman47

(British Troops custom minifigs by kojman47)

I loved the Lego priates theme, it was one of the best themes for Lego and hugely successful, interestingly, they have british colonial soldier minifigs as well as pirates, these solider minifigs are great to make custom minifigs with as they can apply to a whole slice of history, and as you can see from the above, you have two custom minifig british soliders, complete with sword sheaths and helmet plumes, and they look really great! make me want to make a major sharpe vignette.

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Lego 2009 releases

A bit of a spoiler, but here are the suposed photos of the 2009 releases from lego, no doubt there’ll be some brilliant minifigs, and I personally don’t care what Lego release, just what I can use to make custom minifigs with!

I found these from Dano’s profile.








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SteamPack custom minifig

SteamPack custom minifig by v&a steamworks

(SteamPack custom minifig by v&a steamworks)

Whilst the minifig here isn’t totally custom our unique, what i really like is the custom minifig scale jetpack, which was designed on one of the more popular Lego customization themes its unique in that  it converts modern inventions into a amercian victorian inventor, steam-esque look. It works really well in that Lego has made parts for both space and technology as well as western-esq, victorian-esq, this basically means thatyou can make all sorts of custom minifigs along this theme and have some real fun!

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