Lego fashion accessories

It seems that the fashion crowd have run out of decent ideas and have decided that retro look means digging into their Lego box to find bits and pieces to make fashion accessories out of, suffice to say the only reason they are cool is because they use Lego bricks, but lets be serious for a moment, Lego belongs on the table, its not fashion, and much as I love lego, you would be a serious idiot to wear any of these fashion accessories.

I suppose the good thing is that its cool to see Lego customization appear where you don’t  expect it.

lego fashion

lego fashion 2

lego fashion 3

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Cool Lego custom minifig coat hanger

Lego, custom, minifig, coat hanger

(Cool Lego custom minifig coat hanger by unknown)

I really like this MOC, it’s been designed at minifig scale so it’ll fit right in with vignette, its really great to look at this in detail and figure out how it was made, and you have to admit, it’s very accurate!

One thing thats really great is how the minifig torse is useds as hanging jacket, it really brings some life to the object making it look more in situe.

This is one of those items I plan on making for some of the projects I’ve currently got on the go.

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Awesome Lego minifigs with custom decals

custom lego minifig metal gear solidcustom minifig winter camocustom minifig chest rig decal

(Custom Lego minifigs by Ryan Stebbins)

These custom minifigures are great, as they are really well thought out and very well executed, whats interesting about them is that the decals are made from stickers, which mean they are totally removable and easy to apply.

When it comes to applying decals on custom minifigures, there are three ways to do it. However first you’ll want to choose a lego torso that forms the base colour of the minifig.

1. You can apply water slide decals – water slide decals are very difficult to apply and will require you to remove the existing decal on the minifigs torso (you can so this with brass polish), you can then apply the decal and layer a few protective coats of gloss. The down side is the decal remains fragile, but the finish is fantastic. You’ll need to get these kind of decals specially made.

2. Sticky paper – you simply design, print and stick, really easy to apply and cheap too! the downside is that the edge of the sticky paper will show and if your printer or paper is low grade it will really show, best to try a photo printer with photo quality paper for a really strong glossy finish on the minifig.

3. If you can be bothered you can try using the old stencil format and effectively screen print on to the minifig.

As you can see the decal really contain the majority of the custom minifigures detail and really represents the ‘description’ of the minifig if the decal were not present the effect wouldn’t be as powerful.

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Lego Business cards

Lego Business cards

I was actually head hunted for a Job at Lego once, due to my expert online marketing expertise, I sadly turned it down as I was in London and the Lego head office is in slough, and no amount of free Lego would pursuade me to move there. Had I know how great an environment it would be to work for Lego, and Had I known that Lego employees get their own custom minifig designed for them for use as a business card, I might actually have taken the Job at Lego, then got as many of these custom minifigs as I could get my hands on.

The Lego business  is actually for their sales teams at conventions and so forth, so most of the admin guys at Lego don’t get one of these Lego minifig business cards which is a bit of a shame, the reason behind the selectiveness of these Lego business cards is simply down to the fact that it costs Lego alot to setup a print for the Name and contact information on the minifigs torso, most of the other parts on the Lego minifig business card are actually standard Lego parts, this being said pretty cool that Lego would go to that lengths to keep their employees memorable. If you wanted to replicate these minifig Lego business cards as a custom project, your best bet is to get the Lego minifig engraved as a decal would rub off easily, not really good as far as a business card goes, go and check out Brick engravers who do a really good job.

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Lego custom minifig Segway

Lego custom minifig Segway

 (Lego custom minifig Segway by unknown)

If you look at the right hand Lego object, thats a Segway, a rather interesting mobility device,  in the center you ahve a custom made Lego bike and to the right a Lego custom minifig scooter. Pretty cool, and they look really good, not least because they suit the respective minifigs. Point to note about the minifigs, notice the feet, particularly the girlrs, notice how they have been customized to look like bobby socks? Pretty sweet. The reason for showing these custom minifigs and pointing out the Lego segway is to show the potential of using Lego as a means of depicting objects, really when making a custom minifig, you’re only limited by your imagination. And when it comes to Lego custom minifig accessories, if you can think it up, there’s a way to make it.

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