Tom Clancys The Division Custom Minifigure


Photo courtesy of McLovin1309

This Tom Clancy’s The Division Custom Minifigure by McLovin looks excellent. The highly detailed custom minifigure is from Brick Affliction’s new Division set
and features the trapper hat by G-Bricks.

The ACR weapon is from G-Bricks Task Force Operator set, which has a Tiny Tactical ACOG Scope attached to it.

For a more detailed description check out McLovin’s fantastic showcase video:

Overall the painting is done to a very high level and it is a nice touch that the vibrant colours are set against the more muted colours of the clothing.

Great work!

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Painted Suicide Squad Custom Minifigures


Photo courtesy of MGF Customs

These Painted Suicide Squad Custom Minifigures by MGF Customs look amazing. The level of painted detailing looks incredible.

Painted to a very high level my favourites are The Joker, Katana and Captain Boomerang. The coats and jackets also look amazing, and the mask on Deadshot looks really good.

Overall a great group of painted custom minifigures.

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SFX Minifigs Wave 1


SFX Minifigs is a new pad printed super heroes vendor based in Australia. They have just released their first wave of 6 high quality pad printed minifigures.

3 minifigures inspired by DC Comics President Luther, Mirror Master and Weather Wizard, and 3 minifigures inspired by Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Purple Man and Nuke.

Only 25 were made of each character making them very limited edition custom minifigures.

You can buy the full range of SFX Minifigs Custom Minifigures at while stocks last.

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G-Bricks Accessories


Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

G-Bricks are well known in the community for creating a range of high quality sculpted minifigures.

They have now released their first wave of minifigure accessories which are the Ops Core Helmet, Respirator and Trappers Hat.

These cast pieces are sold individually and can be easily painted. The level of detail is incredible and the trapper hat really stands-out.

Overall a great new wave of must-have pieces.

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Onlinesailin Grifter Custom Minifigure

DC Comics Grifter is a former government operative and member of the military unit Team 7 and the espionage agency International Operations. On top of his military training he was an experienced con artist who is quite skilled in theft, infiltration and misdirection in his own right.


This Grifter Custom Minifigure is a high quality digitally printed minifigure and features a single sided head and a double sided printed torso, as well as printing to the front and side of the legs. He comes with a yellow LEGO hair piece, custom made coat and 2 grey pistols.

You can buy this Grifter Custom Minifigure at while stocks last.

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