Custom Lego minifig Templar Knight

Lego knight custom minifig

(Custom Lego minifig by Pharazon)

Lego have made knights for quite some time, however they’ve always been quite generic and non-decript, in that Lego have never really wanted to have any political allegiances (keeping it PC), that kind of ruled out the crusades or any iconongrapy that would imply a religious allegiance on a minifig. Pharazon however created this custom Lego minifig, and I have to admit, it is simply supurb, it’s actually quite a simple minifig custom job, in that its a fabric robe and a custom hat, and not much more, but its very effective. It also illustrates how effective fabric items can be at completing a custom minifig.

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Custom minifig hair

Lego minifig hairstyles

(custom Lego minifig hair by batbrick)

Adding personality to your custom minifigs isn’t jsut about adding decals with nice graphics or throwing in the latest Brickarms accessory, personality of a custom minifig can also be created using hairstyles and head pieces, whilst looking for other cool custom minifigs i came across this miange by batbrick, using the same Lego head and torse batbrick has changed the hair of the minifig, and this highlights how different hairstyles or events hats/helmets can have a great effect in changing the personality and impression a custom minifig gives, so when you’re designing your custom minifigs, you’ll want to factor this in as a consideration.

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Amazing Lego Police Station

Whilst this site is about custom minifigs rather than Lego mocs, on my search for amazing custom Lego minifigs, i came across this custom Lego police station packed with all sorts of amazing detail, I simply had to share it with the readers of custom minifig, if only to wow you with the sheer amount of detail and effort thats gone into it. Aside from being impressive, there are several custom minifigs within the building and an extensive armoury choaked full of Brick arms custom minifig weapons, the Lego custom police station was made by laureano.

Amazing Lego Police Station1

Amazing Lego Police Station2

Amazing Lego Police Station3

Amazing Lego Police Station4

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Cool Lego custom minifig Samuri Jack

samurai jack lego custom minifig

(Lego custom minifig by ImpreSariO)

This awesome samurai minfig was custom made by ImpreSariO a very talented custom minifig builder, the inspiration for the custom minifig samurai was from samurai Jack a cartoon network TV series, whats really fantastic about the custom minifig, is the legs made from Lego bricks, see Lego actually have a range of samurai minifigs, and the legos could have been made using fabric, but this custom minifig is unique in the use of Lego bricks for this purpose, and I think you’ll agree it’s every effective is presenting a strong, bold and stylized feel to this custom minifig.

Additionally the custom minifig face is a custom decal that uses manga illustrations and is really effective, for a minifig with no other markings the face decal really expresses the personality of the minifig and the use of a four by one flat as a sword sheath is pretty cool too!

For more information on custom minifig legs check this article.

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Lego Universe

From Contagious 2008 –

Set for a 2009 release, LEGO Universe is another new MMOG. Developed by NetDevil to be a seamless
adaptation of the LEGO philosophy, the concept behind the subscription-based LEGO Universe is simple – if you can imagine it, then you can build it. The traditional play experience will transfer online, requiring a creative and collaborative approach to accomplish ingame goals. Contagious 17 contains a case study on LEGO.

You can find the site here. From What I can tell its going to be a secondlife style game for Lego minifig fans.

One that is particularly relevent for custom minifig fans will be the feature that allows you to customize your own custom minifig. Taken from the Lego site:

Design your own minifigure – Upon landing in LEGO Universe, you’ll choose from hundreds of options to customize your tiny in-game characters. 

Additionally you can play games, interact with others and build items and the game features an overarching epic storyline about the origins of LEGO Universe and the minifigures that inhabit it. In the story of LEGO Universe, the minifigures can team up to quest together. If the teams are successful, they’ll uncover new game zones featuring original characters, more building opportunities, and undiscovered creative challenges!

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