The History of Lego


(lego brick timeline by unknown)

This wonderful timeline tracks the progression of Lego from its initial inception in 1932 as a Business concept to the 1958 invention of the Lego brick with it unique and patented Stud and Tube coupling system. Along the way Is the 1978 invention of the first Lego Minifig which eventually spawned the custom minifig movement and the 1999 launch of the Lego Star Wars range, possibly one of the most successful Lego ranges.

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Lego building techinques

Making Lego is fun, and building custom minifigs is great, but to truly harness the power of Lego, more sophisticated Lego building techniques need to be used. These techniques allow Lego builders to create far more dynamic and interesting models, and some of these Lego building techniques related to custom minifigs as well. Here’s a few useful Links relating to advanced Lego building techniques.

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COD World at War Marine Raider custom minifig

COD World at War Marine Raider custom minifig

(COD World at War Marine Raider custom minifig by Dylan B)

Whist the photo of this minifig isn’t too great and the decals are paper and not too great, this custom minifig does have some really strong qualities, the minifig has a Brick Arms Thompson, and a Brick Arms helmet, more unique however is the webbing made of brown plastic, I’ve never seen this before and can only assume it’s a custom part that was hand moulded. Additionally the decal is basically too ornate, this is why it isn’t very effective and clear and really which you’re considering custom decals for minifigs, the decals on this minifig stress that you need to simplify the design for it to be effective.

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clear lego custom minifig

clear lego custom minifig

(clear lego minifig by fine clonier)
This transparent Blue custom minifig was made by Fine Clonier (know for custom minifig decals), apparently it was custom made, compression moulded based on the standard Lego minifig. Whats really cool is how a custom minifig builder could use such a transparent minifig, and the next step would be to see how custom decals could be used to give this transparent minifig more character, Tron fans and sci-fi minifig fans could have a field day with a transparent minifig like this. However to compression mould such a minifig could be quite difficult, whilst resin moulds might not give as good a quality of finish.

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chrome lego darth vader promo minifig

chrome lego darth vader promo minifig

(chrome lego darth vader promo minifig from unknown)

Searching for other cool Lego custom minifigs I came across this chrome lego darth vader promo minifig, it seems to be a promotional minifig created by Lego to mark the 10 year anniversary of Lego Starwars, whilst the minifig and the decals on the minifig are no different from the Lego Darth Vader minifig, it is made of chrome, which gives the minifig a real shiny quality, Just look at the minifigs helmet.

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