Insectoid trooperâ„¢

insectoid trooper

(insectoid trooper by exxtrooperâ„¢)

Finally is the word I can describe today, after 2 months I finally got the stuff I traded whit my good friend Tim. He gave my this great modified headpiece whit teeth (or something like that) as you can see. It was simple a head whit 2 holes (driled) and these teeth pieces glued in, and painted. It’s a really intresting modification and I just had to make a fig whit it. But that wasn’t easy so I made a custom helmet whit custom visor ro make it more sci if like. It turned out good and the brickarms SAR ang grenades was a good touch. The armor is a TLC samurai armor painted black whit custom decal. I know this fig doesn’t have many decals like my other figs, but i still like it.

– you know my name ;D

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Lego bishop custom minifig

 Lego bishop custom minifig by armothe

(Lego bishop custom minifig by armothe)

This is a wonderfully ornate custom minifig , just have a look at the custom decal and the bishops staff mad up of various Lego parts including, ironically enough, a Lego skeleton minifig leg, the Bishops Hat is really nice too but I can’t tell if its custom or if its a standard Lego piece used in a different way.

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Lego blogger

 Lego blogger by mr shiny and new

(Lego blogger by mr shiny and new)

This is a nice MOC vignetter of a Lego Blogger, (not me), interestingly the minifig here has got a double screen computer…he must be a pro! or a trader, it actually looks like an office setting, with those crappy half walls that seem to drain your soul, also the Lego suit case seems to give a hint too. Theres something quite charming about this vignette and I could see it being part of  Larger series of custom minifig cubicles.

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japanese manga minifigs

 japanese manga minifigs by Baronsat

(japanese manga minifigs by Baronsat)

These childish but very creepy looking custom minifigs were made by Baronsat, a french custom minifig maker, they are based on Japanese Manga cartoons, but they really creep me out, its those massive eyes…eurgh! Still I guess you could make a Manga comic with these minifigs.

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hellboy Lego custom minifig

 hellboy Lego custom minifig by unknown

(hellboy Lego custom minifig by unknown)

There are a few custom minfigs flying about of Hellboy, but this is one of the better ones i’ve seen, it looks like the hand was custom casted and had loads of detail, whilst the head is very manga-eque, the fabric coat seals the deal for this custom minifig and unusually the the standard Lego weapon seems to fit really well.

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