japanese manga minifigs

 japanese manga minifigs by Baronsat

(japanese manga minifigs by Baronsat)

These childish but very creepy looking custom minifigs were made by Baronsat, a french custom minifig maker, they are based on Japanese Manga cartoons, but they really creep me out, its those massive eyes…eurgh! Still I guess you could make a Manga comic with these minifigs.

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hellboy Lego custom minifig

 hellboy Lego custom minifig by unknown

(hellboy Lego custom minifig by unknown)

There are a few custom minfigs flying about of Hellboy, but this is one of the better ones i’ve seen, it looks like the hand was custom casted and had loads of detail, whilst the head is very manga-eque, the fabric coat seals the deal for this custom minifig and unusually the the standard Lego weapon seems to fit really well.

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droid sculpture minifig head for custom minifig by unknown

 droid sculpture minifig head for custom minifig by unknown

(droid sculpture minifig head for custom minifig by unknown)

This looks like a custom sculpted lego head that fits minifigs, the attention to detail is really impressive, and this could really create a brilliant custom minifig.

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dekulink custom minfig

dekulink custom minfig by donald kennedy

(dekulink custom minfig by donald kennedy)

I believe this custom minifig is base on some Japanese computer game character but I’m not sure, nevertheless, its a pretty cool custom minifig, the weird mouth is pretty cool as is the hair.

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Arbiter custom minifig

***image of custom minifig removed at Jasbrick’s request***

(Arbiter custom minifig by jasbrick)

Jasbricks customizing hands have been at it again, it looks like he’s going through an alien phase, or could this be the start of a whole new series of minifigs? Never the less, you have to look closely at this minifig as some of the custom elements such as the weird squid mouth helmet thing is impressive.

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