lego monotank


(lego monotank by grandpappy)

It seems like the new cool thing in the MOC Lego world is monotanks, ie. tanks with only one track, I’m not sure how they’d actually turn in real life but these mono tanks do look pretty cool, and offer real customizing opportunities,  the minifig in this picture I’m guessing is the driver of the mono tan, and I think the minifigs head is a cuatom job, but I can’t be too sure. Nevertheless it would be cool if there were a whole army of these mono tanks.

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Gordon’s Threewheeler

 Gordon’s Threewheeler by c-mdaniel

(Gordon’s Threewheeler by c-mdaniel)

There’s a term used to describe those of the lego community who after a long hiatus (growing up) have to leave lego behind, before rediscovering the joy of the plastic bricks. At this point the Lego fan doesn’t have that much lego, you have to start from scratch, a ‘dark age’ if you like, which is precisely what happend here, this MOC and minifig set, is a direct result of the makers 2nd dark age, with only a few parts left to make anything from, still its a pretty cool and creative moc with some nice detail.

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custom minifig painted faces

 custom minifig painted faces by bionicbadboi

(custom minifig painted faces by bionicbadboi)

Its surprising how detailed you can be when it comes to decals, in this case these custom faces were painted on using acrylic paint and coated with a matt varnish, but you have to have a loik at the detail in these minifigs, additionally this means that your options when it comes to the expressions on a custom minifig, can be totally endless, only limited by your imagination.

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custom head minifig jedi

 custom head minifig jedi by cole blaq

(custom head minifig jedi by cole blaq)

The star wars lego series was one of the most popular Lego ranges, and very widely supported by the cult of starwars fans, who, as it so happens are also Lego fans, the Lego Star wars range is also one of the best for minifigs, with a whole catalogue of easily customizable and interesting minifigs being released as a result of the 6 films, 1 animation and countless comics, as a result making starwars custom minifigs is almost a seperate catagory, and as this image of a custom made minifig head, made out of various Lego parts, proves, there’s no shortage of talent when it comes to making yet more unique minifigs on the star wars theme.

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Custom Minifig approved store program

We at custom minifig regularly buy Lego and minifig stuff online. As a thankyou and a reward to those companies who have supported our Lego custom minifig passion, we have launched our ‘approved store scheme’, retailers of this approved store scheme are Lego retailers we have personally shopped at, and have received top drawer customer service, good prices, quick and efficent delivery and above all else a hassle free shopping expereience, these retailers are who we consider to be the creme de la creme of lego retailers and we’d heavily recommend you shop from these retailers.

Make sure you keep your eye out for this banner when ever you shop for custom minifig parts.

custom minifig approved store

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