Apoca Sig-Fig custom minifig

Apoca Sig-Fig custom minifig
Apoca Sig-Fig custom minifig by kgres

a really nice sig fig of Kgres, a sig fig is essentially a custom minifig avatar of the make, the helmet and cloth of this custom minifig are what make it stand out, and it’s definitely an easy customization.

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The Joker – Deluxe Edition

 (by thebigtoyhut)

Now what is this, joker isn’t smiling! Very nice custom minifig whit waterslide decal and custom trenchcoat, really like he use if that but it’s not pained (O.O) where did he get that hairpiece in green, “why so serious”.

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Custom Minifig To Launch Hazel’s Line of minifig products

Helghast, Jin-Roh, custom, minifig, Kubrick, lego, army, military3Featured interview with Custom minifig expert HAZEL Fantasy 2

I’m Happy to announce that customminifig.co.uk will be launching a small online store to retail Hazel’s amazing creations and any other custom minifig sculptors, designers and decal designers, whilst this is by no means an ambitious or totally commercial endevour, I decided to do this to help support and promote minifig customization.

The custom minifig store is being produced as we speak and should be up and running before the month is out.

so keep your eyes on the site because we’ll be doing all sorts of competitions and prize draws!

Hazel Fantasy - More New Custom minifig parts1 Gears of war lego minifig

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(by ED-209 ) 

Very nice decal on this guy, not to detailed or to plane, but what that’s most intresting is the custom helmet! I’m not 100% sure how he made it but I’ll give it a try. It’s a standar grey TLC helmet custted and a old black TLC space helmet custted and glued on. Am I right? The only thing this huy needs is a brickarms AUTO 9 and it’s perfect :D.

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Minifig wrestlers

Minifig wrestlers
Minifig wrestlers by obscurance

This really shows how far the standard Lego minifig heads, torsos and legs go in helping to represent various characters and personalities from all walks of life, regardless this is a really cool Lego interpretation of wrestlers.

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