Lego Buffy custom minifigs

Lego Buffy custom minifigs

(buffy custom minifigs by Blinky)

Buffy the vampire slayer was a popular series with a cult following and some unique characters, here a custom minifig builder has created all the key buffy characters in Lego, the minifigs are all unique from each other and the majority of the minifigs have a degree of customization, mainly in the form of custom made decals. Below is one of the buffy minifigs with an extremely detailed decal, which really shows how detailed you can get with decals.

Lego Buffy custom minifigs

(willow custom minifigs by Blinky)

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Lego Helmets

Lego Helmets

(Lego minifig helmets by unknown)

This photo is awesome, not just from an artistic perspective but also from the contents, here we see an amazing stack of Lego minifig scale helmets and the structure of the inside of the helmets, Lego military helmets like the one shown are really popular with custom minifig builders who create world war 2 vignettes. Brickarms and Brick forge supply a good range of Lego headgear for several time periods, including roman, world war 1, world war 2 and modern. Additionally there are the usual fantasy and sci-fi genres as well.

Minifig helmets add an extra level of customization and personality to a custom minifig which should at least be considered when you’re designing your custom minifig.

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All Black custom Lego Minifig army

All Black custom Lego Minifig army

(all black lego minifig army by unknown)

Decals and colour add personality and uniqueness to minifigs, they help bring out the story telling effect of minifigs, however flat colour minifigs seem more artistic, statue like if you will, however, in their faceless nature flat colour minifigs are really cool, they speak volumes for the shape and form of the minfig rather than express personality. As such using flat colour minifigs can be really powerful especially in a photographic and architectural/artistic way.

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Lego Banksy Decal

Lego Banksy Decal

(Lego banksey decal by dpstyles)

Banksy is a popular street graffiti artist primarily popular in the UK, whats really great about Lego and custom minifig is the way that Lego reflects the real world and this Lego Banksy decal, placed on a Lego wall is the perfect scaled down version, and seems perfect for the Lego environment, the key thing to remember here is that this shows the level of detail and the potential of using custom minifig decals in your Lego projects.

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Custom minifig on Holiday and competition


(custom minifig vignette by unknown)

We’re going on holiday but we’ll be continuing to post and write articles for custom minifig,however it probably won’t be at the same rate of 10 articles a day. we’ll be back in a few weeks so until them from all of us at Custom Minifig, have a merry christmas and happy new year!

As part of our vacation, this gives you a real chance to start up with those custom minifigs, and as such we’d like to announce our first competition.

The custom Minifig competition-

submit one minifig based on the theme of holiday and we’ll pick our favourite and do an interview with you and give you a custom car garage from Lego.

rules -

only 1 entry per person

minifigs only, no vignettes or MOCs

you’re allowed to cut, sand, use decals, use fabric and accessories, paint, and model, but the original minifig needs to still be clear

photos must be clear and taken on a white back ground

all competition entries will be  posted on custom minifig

only UK submissions will be accepted

competition ends on 31st January 2009

submission, please mail your custom minifig competition entries to customminifig <at> gmail <dot> com, with your name, minifig name and location, we’ll contact the winner and get your address then.

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