Jasbrick to Launch Brickviet custom minifig how-to guide

Jasbrick to Launch Brickviet custom minifig how-to guide1

If you’ve ever wanted to know jsut how jasbrick come up and creates his Brickviet custom minifigs, you are in for a surprise. This image is the first page of Jasbricks custom minifig manual to how to make custom Lego minifig Brickviet troopers.

You can see Jasbrick’s Brickviet custom minifigs here.

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Featured Lego Custom minifig shop Firestar Toys

Firestartoys.com are a new and up and coming Lego custom minifig shop, speaking with Paul the owner, his hope is that Firestartoys, will be come the largest online store (second to bricklink, which really is more of a marketing place) for lego, Lego minifigs and Lego custom minifigs and accessories.

Paul is a big fan of Lego Starwars and at present this is the largest stock, and whilst its still early days, navigating the site, adding lego minifigs to the shopping cart is a joy and certainly beats having to wade through the tiny images on Bricklink.

From conversations with Paul, he hopes to promote new and innovative custom minifig makers and there’s a good chance custom minifig makers will be able to sell their designs in mass production on Firestar Toys.  There’s also ambitious plans to sponsor some ouf customminifig.co.uk’s future competitions, so make sure you watch this space!

Fancy getting your custom minifigs distributed and making some money from Lego custom minifigs? Get in touch with Firestartoys – they have an open invitation for any custom minifig designers to get in touch and discuss opportunities: sales <at> firestartoys.com

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Lego custom minifig cookie monster

Lego custom minifig cookie monster

(Lego custom minifig cookie monster by chaosfish1)

As I’ve previously said, customizing minifigs doesn’t need to be difficult or revolutionary, you don’t even need to take it seriously, and its amazing what a felt tip pen and some pasticine can do, take this example of a Lego custom minifig cookie monster it’s awesome, in that childish amature way, but then Lego is a toy and cookie monster is for kids, so it works and looks great.

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Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson Custom Lego Minifigs

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson by minifig

(Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson by minifig)

According to minifig, today is Sherlock Holmes birthday, and he’s duly paid tribute to the great detective  with these custom Lego minifigs of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, its nice, simple, and communicates the personality of both Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson superbly.

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Lego Latest news new products and january sale

So, Lego have just sent out a newsletter of their latest news.

First there’s  8 new sets including: Loot Island, Brickbeard’s Bounty and Soldiers’ Fort from the Lego Pirates series.

There’s also a brilliant list of new products from Lego for 2009, including some really nice minfig sets and racing car sets, check them out here.

For those of you who are military Lego minifig fans, you’ll already know the Lego minifigs from the Indiana Jones series are ideal for any WW2 minifig customization, and you’ll also be happy to find out that for 2009 there are some new Lego Indiana Jones sets as well.

Last but not least there’s the Lego january sale, so don’t forget to bag yourself a bargain! Check it out here.

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