Brick Arms Launches Brick Arms Premium

Brick Arms have just launched their  premium range, the difference between this range and their standard custom minifig accessories range, is that the custom minifig accessories in the Premium range are produced in a wide range of colours and are limited in stock and production, meaning they are highly collectable, they are far more costly than standard Brick arms custom minifig accessories as they require higher production time and technique, and these custom minifig accessories use a multi colour overmoulding proces, so the colours are actual ABS plastic colours rather than painted.

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Hazel Fantasy – More New Custom minifig parts

Hazel Fantasy - More New Custom minifig parts1

(custom minfig Helmet by Hazel)

Hazel Fantasy - More New Custom minifig parts2

(custom minifig weapon by Hazel)

Hazel Fantasy - More New Custom minifig parts3

(custom minifig weapon by Hazel)

After check Hazel’s Flickr page I found that he has now released several new items, Including a unique helmet, a highly detailed Lego sniper rifle, and in the last photo (the weapon on the left) what appears to be a bull pup designed minfig weapon. I’ve still been unable tomake contact with Hazel, but have been trying, so if any ofyou have had previous dealings with Hazel, please get in touch!

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Brick Arms new custom minifig Mr Black

Brick Arms new custom minifig Mr Black

(Mr Black Custom minifig By Brick Arms)

After the resounding success of Mr White, the Brick Arms custom minifig Bandit, that was slated by the worlds media for being a racist Lego minifig against Islamic terrorist, Brick Arms have now launched a new Minifig bandit – Mr Black, there’s no major difference between the two custom minifigs aside from the face and colour of the ninja headgear. Now considering this custom minifigs face is so hairy, i’m sure some media zealot will be calling it a terrorist from the Mumbai after the terrorist attacks there, I’m sure this isn’t the case.

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Lego custom minifig commando raid ship vignette

Lego custom minifig commando raid ship vignette

(Lego custom minifig commando raid ship vignette by Teruel211)

This is a wonderful vignette which shows a custom minifig commando raiding party with Brick arms custom minifig weapons, Lego diving accessories and a Lego minifig scale raft, what’s really nice is the construction of the waves in the vignette which give both the setting and the minifigs a more dramatic appearance.

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The History of Lego


(lego brick timeline by unknown)

This wonderful timeline tracks the progression of Lego from its initial inception in 1932 as a Business concept to the 1958 invention of the Lego brick with it unique and patented Stud and Tube coupling system. Along the way Is the 1978 invention of the first Lego Minifig which eventually spawned the custom minifig movement and the 1999 launch of the Lego Star Wars range, possibly one of the most successful Lego ranges.

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