Briktish Knight of St Crispin custom minifig by Jasbrick

Custom minifig by JasBrick

Wow, yet another stunning custom minifig by the master…Jasbrick!

this is a strange juxtaposition of futuristic parts and medieval Lego parts combined together and made to fit in together through the use of a uniform color. in particular the minifigs shield,and the forearm shield with the weapon attached are brilliant and very unique whilst the custom minifigs helmet has a eye protector thingy that seems to be jasbricks signature piece.
suffice to say, this custom minifig is very unique and highly customized.

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The Big Snow Feb 09 Lego minifig snow man

Originally uploaded by the_egg_uk

found this on Flickr, and because I’m knackered after a day of commuting and work, and its now late into the wee hours of the evening, Im going to take a break from custom minifig and get some sleep so tune in tomorrow for a massive upload of custom minifig photos tomorrow.

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Custom Shotgun and minifig

custom minifig by .Hurricane.

Check this out, it’s not jsut a custom shotgun for minifigs, but like a shot gun it actually bends allowing the minifig to put little shots into the shotgun, i reckon this is awesome and shows just how far minifig customization has come.

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WWII GI custom minifig

 WWII GI custom minifig by ewok master

(WWII GI custom minifig by ewok master)

Whilst wwe covered WWII minifig soldiers before, this custom minifig is a little unique, mainly because of the accessories this minifig has. In particular is the cantee whichs looks like a single round plate, along with the silver brick arms pistol. The Helmet and rifle are also painted, giving more of a realistic feel to the minifig.

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Tony Montana Scarface minifig

Tony Montana Scarface minifig by shmails

(Tony Montana Scarface minifig by shmails)

Say Hello to my Little (custom minifig) friend! Its Tony Montana from Scarface, the Decal of his face isn’t too great, but when you look at this minifig the decal of the torso and face together makes it work well, what I would say is that this minifig is a little lacking in fire power, a brick arms M16 or machine gun would make Lego tony a little more threatening that a simple pistol.

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