custom minifig barricades

 custom minifig barricade by Peter Lewandowski

(custom minifig barricade by Peter Lewandowski)

This is a really nice medieval custom minifig barracade, it uses all sorts of custom minifig accessories, and creates all sorts of depth and height protecting the minifigs behind, it really works and adds to the minifigs, making a vignette more interesting and appealing.

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how to make a lego wood cylinder

how to make a lego wood cylinder by 2muchcaffeine

(how to make a lego wood cylinder by 2muchcaffeine)

If you’re making Lego custom minifigs, you’ll probably be wanting to make vignettes of these custom minifigs as well, and this is something will be considering covering soon. In the mean time heres a useful tip to make cylinders from a Lego rail and several smooth plates. Very simple but looks great, and could be altered for all sorts of things, such as the lining on a dock by the ships.

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newyork rangers ice hockey custom minifig

newyork rangers ice hockey custom minifig by tanru

(newyork rangers ice hockey custom minifig by tanru)

Lego actually made a short run of Sports related Lego products including Lego ice hockey players, but it seems this line from Lego was short lasted, and now you can only really find it on the second hand market, this custom minifig has a really nice decal for the NY Rangers, and being a rangers fan, I believe this deserves special mention, the legs of this custom minifig are painted and aren’t as great, but you can’t complain, its still a really cool minifig and looks like an ice hockey player, now we just need to wait for the rest of the team, and for some Lego hockey sticks for this custom minifig.

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Lego Minifigs for military vignettes

Whilst for most of use who make custom minifigs the dream would be either Lego actually make military collections, or we can get our hands on some durable minifigs with custom decals, the reality is getting decent military themed minifigs is quite difficult, you need to really plan out what you want to acheive, since the Indiana Jones collection does have some Lego minifigs with a Military theme, and StarWars has a whole range of storm troopers, its not so difficult for sci-fi or WWII custom minifig makers. But if you’re hopeing to make something modern, get ready to do some serious hunting.

so Lets take a look a the themes that work for military vignettes:

Cowboys – Lego Cowboy theme

Knights and castles – Lego theme

WWII – Indiana Jones Russian and German soldier minifigs

Modern – Dino Attack (these are now out of production so you’re going to need to source these), Power Miners Lego themes.

Sci-fi – Lego Starwars theme.

You’ll find that in order to build up a large army of minifigs, you’ll either need to buy loads of sets of Lego, leaving you with plenty of potentially useless spare parts and costing you an arm and a leg, or, you’ll need to search on the second hand Lego community to find individual parts, in this instance you’ll need to potentially  buy the minifig in seperate parts, ie legs seperate from arms, torso seperate from head etc, this can add to the cost, but you’ll be able to get exactly what you need.

In other instances you might have designed a custom decal for your Lego minifigs, your best bet here is to source the lego minifig whos plastic is as close to the base colour you want, then, using brasso remove the existing decal and apply your own one instead, this might take longer and costa bit, but the results are supurb.

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How to remove decals from Lego minifigs

Whilst Lego minifigs come in all sorts of colours, if you want to add your own decals you have two choices, one, is to use stickers which is pretty straight forwards and keeps the existing lego decal on the minifigs.

The better, or at least more professional looking way, is to use water slide decals, however because most Lego minifigs now have decals printed on their torsos, you’ll need to first remove this.

Here’s how to remove decals from a Lego minifig:

What you’ll need:

1. Brasso
2. water
3. cloth – eg the type you use to clean glasses with
4. Q tip
5. tooth pick.
6. soap

Brasso is a Micro abrasive cleaner, usually used to polish silver, so the usual precautions apply, make sure you read the instructions before using it on your minifigs, and make sure you clean your minifigs afterwards.

1. use a small quantity of Brasso (about the size of a coin) on to your paper towel or cloth.
2. Rub Lego element or minifig part vigorously against cloth containing the Brasso.  Apply more
Brasso if necessary. Removing the printing from a torso should take 15 seconds to 1 minute depending on how much elbow grease one uses.
3. Once the original print has been removed, wash the piece with soap and water, making sure to
remove any residual Brasso, and then allow the part to dry.
4. smaller parts you can use a tooth pick or qtip to apply the brasso.

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