Hooray the 200th custom minifig post!

After just one full month online, custom minfig has reached its 200th post! we’d like to thank all you loyal readers for your support and all the Lego custom minifig fans for all your creations, with out either, custom minifg wouldn’t exist.

We’ve now got a chat room, as well as a forum and we are read as far away as Korea, with over 150 unique readers a day.

we’ve got two competitions going, one for the the best minifig and one for the top poster on the forum.

we’re also looking at ways of making finding, shopping and designing custom minifigs easier, so these are exciting times, and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading custom minifig as much as we’ve enjoyed writing it!

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Lego scots custom minifigs

 Lego scots custom minifigs by mijasper

(Lego scots custom minifigs by mijasper)

Scotland rocks, infact, kilts rock, i want to wear a kilt, it would be really cool, though I don’t think I’ll get any taller, unlike these custom minifigs, its really original how the Lego torso has been used as the minifig kilts on these custom minifig, better yet is the cool way the white socks and black shoes have been custom mized, and lets not forget about the scottish hat and amazing bag pipes.

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lego marching band custom minifigs

 lego marching band custom minifigs by muffinmanifestation

(lego marching band custom minifigs by muffinmanifestation)

This is a really original use of the Lego soldiers from the pirate series,it would be really cool to see a whole troupe of these marching in a massive lego stadium, the real nice bit other than the interesting use of lego minifigs out of context is the snare drum, and sticks, thts really cool.

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lego buzz lightyear custom minifig

lego buzz lightyear custom minifig  by u7k6a123

(lego buzz lightyear custom minifig by u7k6a123)

This is a really nice and simple custom minifig of buzzlight year from the pixlar and disney film Toystory, whilst the buzz lightyear decals are paper stickers, it still communicates the essence of buzz light year in minifig scale, it’d be really nice to see a vignette of toystory made from Lego, better yet lego should make a toystory lego set, that would be really cool, especially the green army men, that would rock!

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Lego 2009 star wars Hoth echo base minifigs

Lego 2009 star wars Hoth echo base minifigs by julencin2000

(Lego 2009 star wars Hoth echo base minifigs by julencin2000)

Whilst there’s no new minifigs as such for the Lego Star Wars series, we now have the snow monster thingy that Luke and han solo ride, i’m not a hardcore Star Wars fan so I don’t know what they are called. Anyways the set to look out for is the Hoth Base set, as its got a few winter rebel troops, by the way check out the super power gun thingy on the left being held by the snow storm trooper.

Variations of the Hoth Lego base can be found at the Lego Shop.

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