lego angel skeleton custom minifig by brainbike rider

 lego angel skeleton custom mini fig by brainbike rider

(lego angel skeleton custom mini fig by brainbike rider)

This really creeps me out, it reminds me of the angel of detah, only this time its a Lego custom minifig, theres loads of interesting connections used here, and the use of the Lego robot arms to make the wings is pretty cool, though I suspect its pretty fragile. I’m not too sure about the beard though, but I’m guessing its there to make this custom minifig a little more dynamic.

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Ray’lel custom minifig

 Ray’lel custom minifig by Dano

(Ray’lel custom minifig by Dano)

This custom minifig has a whole load of minifig accessories, but most interesting is how the quiver of arrows has been place, rather unusually on the hips.  Additially the Bow looks like it was made with bull horns,  Amazingly the minifig still looks really good.

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lego dj fatboyslim custom minfig

lego dj fatboyslim minfig by minifig

(lego dj fatboyslim minfig by minifig)

This brilliant custom minifig, wouldn’t work without the massive DJ booth in front, whilst the minifig isn’t totally original the massive custom built DJ booth really works to define the minifig. Its pretty cool and would look even better in a custom Lego vignette.

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lego cobra custom minifig

lego cobra custom minifig by verycherry

(lego cobra custom minifig by verycherry)

This is an awesome lego cobra custom minifig based on the popular cartoon series GI Joe, this cobra customm minifighas a modified helmet and a wonderful decal. As you’d expect the weapon is a brick arms custom minifig gun.

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fallout 3 custom minifig

fallout 3 custom minifig by chaosfish1

(fallout 3 custom minifig by chaosfish1)

This is a cool fallout 3 custom minifig which has a few custom parts as well as standard Lego parts, its based on the new fallout 3video game. unfortunately it doesn’t have that clean cut and crispness unlike some of the other custom minifigs I’ve seen but whilst its still a bit raw round the edges its a good idea, particularly the shoulder pads and modified helmet.

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