Bullseye custom star wars minifig

Custom minifig by xwingyoda

this custom minifig is clearly influenced by starwars, it as an entry into the K.A.M. Sponsored Custom Clone Wars Combatant Contest, interestingly the helmet doesn’t rest on the minifigs head properly but somehow it actually works, mainly due to the decal, the reason for this is due to the chest piece on the minifig, which helps to make this minifig more unique, another thing to point out is the minifig guns which are highly detailed and custom moulded.

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custom minifig Breacher w/Flashbang

Custom minifig by John_0515

this custom minifig has a really unique gas mask, a custom gas mask has been something that custom minifig makers have been mulling over for a while and there are quite a few different approaches to making one, typically it involves a single round stud. aside fom this the minifig has a brick arms flashbang and shot gun, whilst the minifig torso is from the Lego starwars series.

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WWII:African Patrol custom minifig shaving in the field

Custom minifig by Kilo S.

I really like this custom minifig, especially as it’s in situ, an action shot if you like of a WWI soldier shaving in the filed. You’ll notice the Lego Indiana Jones legs, and the Lego indiana Jones German soldier torso. Ironic considering this is a British soldier minifig, but hey, it works, so its cool.

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cortez timesplitters custom minifig

Custom minifig by chaosfish1

I’m not sure how to describe this custom minifig, so i’m not going to try, basically, its got loads of painted on detail, like the glasses and pattern on the minifig torso. the minifig gun seems to be pretty custom as well, but I’m not sure, most interestingly is the watch-like thing on the minifigs wrist, which is pretty unique.

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Halo armor custom minifig

Custom minifig by chaosfish1

This is a really nice custom minifig of a Halo trooper, the rifle is totally custom and pretty impressive, you can spot the bipod made by brick arms in there, also the armour on the minifig and the helmet are from brickforge, but the helmet looks custom as well. The colours look painted on, and really it would be better if they were actual decals.

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