Whitetron Heavy Soldier custom minfig

Upon You

Originally uploaded by Blue Star Lego

Blacktron were one of Lego’s popular sci-fi and space themes, and it seems custom minifig-ers have made a new theme – whitetrom – the sworn enemies of blacktron, whats really cool about this minifig is the backpack with its 8 additional arms.

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Guncrab MOC robot minifig


Originally uploaded by [Soren]

Another cool MOC which I’ve added to custom minifig, and the reason behind it is simple, its roughly small enough to be a custom minifig, and its custom made, this MOC would look great along side a minifig army, in a vignette, these could be the forward attach scouts of a Sci-fi vignette.

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Squidboy MOC robot minifig


Originally uploaded by [Soren]

a cool MOC robot, which would look good as part of a custom minifig army, within the setting of a vignette, its really cool but lacks a formidable weapon.

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Wolverine custom minifig


Originally uploaded by jameslasagnaboy

The Xmen have been a popular theme for Lego custom minifig-ers This custom minifig Wolverine comes complete with a wardrobe but the one small let down is the claws, and whilst its a very creative build, they just don’t look like claws.

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Altair custom minifig


Originally uploaded by Crimson Wolf

a nice use of decals on this custom minifig, particularly the ones on the arms, i also like the way the go beyond the torso and actually become ‘cape-like’ Also whats cool is the modification of the Lego hood piece.

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