Lego To Start Making Board Games

Lego To Start Making Board Games by `Dano

Theres’ been a bit of a rumor going round that Lego intends on expanding from Bricks and minifigs to making actual board games, as if Lego video games wasn’t enough, apparently “LEGO Games will launch in August 2009 with 8 games across a range of price points”, so from looking at this image, it looks like 2009 (august if you must know) will see the arrival of Lego board games, complete with mini-minifigs as you can see here.

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Lego custom minifig saints

Lego custom minifig saints by alava212

I really like these two Lego custom minifig saints, it looks like the Lego Life buoys have been used to make halos which is really origian, additionally there is some good use of fabric parts and the key and sword are both standard Lego, but I;m guessing they’ve been painted gold, I think these two custom minifig saints are part of a vignette, and the setting and build of the walls and plinths these minifigs stand on is really good as well, inspires me to want to make something similar.

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custom minifig Bionisean

custom minifig Bionisean by BioniSean

I’m not sure if this is actually a custom minifig or not, but i really like the decal, so I’m posting it up to see if anyone knows, i think its really cool and with the grey legs it looks really neat, if it is a standard Lego part I’ve got to get a few.

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PA-S A Lego Purist minfig custom gun

PA-S A Lego Purist minfig custom gun by PoиcнoPєиgυιи

This modified custom starwars blaster is made out of only Lego parts, and is minifig scale, the maker, added a funny comment:Purist Allergy Info: may contain traces of cut flex tubing, clearly the dividing line between lego customizers and custom minifig makers and the Lego purists is getting wider, custom minifig must be the bible of satan then!

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Arbiter custom MOC minifig

Arbiter custom MOC minifig by odst7

This is an interesting Abiter (i’m not sure what that is), anyways totally custom made from Lego parts, i particularly like the hoofed legs, pretty cool, i’m guessing you could potentially take the Legos off this MOC and use them on a custom minifig looking at how they are constructed at the waist.

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