Lego Star wars Red clone trooper custom minifigs

Red clones 2

Originally uploaded by Nannan Z.

These minifigs are amazing, using only Lego parts to customize these minifigs, the torso is from the starwars royal guard minifig, but some how work along side the black clone trooper accessories, I’m guessing the helmets were painted red, but the hair is apparently a standard Lego hair piece and yes, it comes in red. It would be cool to see a whole army of these red clone troopers, i’m sure they would look amazing in a vignette!

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Lego startwars desert assault scout custom minifig

desert assault scout

Originally uploaded by exxtrooperâ„¢

take a standard Lego Starwars clone minifig, and add a highly detailed desert camouflage decal to virtuall every surface of the minifig and ta-da! custom minifig starwars desert scout clone trooper. There are over 30 decals on this minifig, and it took 2 hours to make the decals and a further 3 hours to apply them to the minifig, pretty hardcore if you as me!

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sanitizers MOC vignette


Originally uploaded by Shmails

Checkout this vignette, made for a Lego contest, i really like the water. its based on the castle theme and it looks like its a sword cleaners, it looks like a lot of thought went into planning this vignette, particularly in terms of the positioning of the water features so it actually flows and wold be believable

Water is poured into buckets, which are heated to boiling over a massive flame. Once boiling, the water is poured into troughs that funnel the water into four barrels with special cleaning products already inside. The water flows out the barrels and onto the dirty item, today a bloody spear, which is scrubbed by two workers. When clean, the item is rested to dry, then transported by white pillow to the clean room where it waits for its next use.

Additionally, Flags and custom minifigs were made so you won’t be disappointed there are some great details you can see in these minifigs.

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SWAT custom minfig

SWAT guy w/ PA-ARc

Originally uploaded by PoиcнoPєиgυιи

Heres an interesting take on a Lego SWAT minifig, it looks like its purist, but the interesting thing is the combination of parts, you wouldn’t expect there to be a Japanese samurai helmet on a SWAT team, but hey, it seems to work ok.

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Ozzy Osbourne custom minifig

Ozzy Osbourne custom minifig by Mr Spielbrick

Ozzy Osbourne was once known for chewing the head off a live bat, on stage, claiming to be the Prince of Darkness, but after watching the Osbournes, I have to say he’s about as threatening as a moth. Heres a custom minifig of the dark prince, you’ll notice the new new Pirate Captain torso being put to good use.

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