Wolverine custom minifig


Originally uploaded by jameslasagnaboy

The Xmen have been a popular theme for Lego custom minifig-ers This custom minifig Wolverine comes complete with a wardrobe but the one small let down is the claws, and whilst its a very creative build, they just don’t look like claws.

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Altair custom minifig


Originally uploaded by Crimson Wolf

a nice use of decals on this custom minifig, particularly the ones on the arms, i also like the way the go beyond the torso and actually become ‘cape-like’ Also whats cool is the modification of the Lego hood piece.

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custom minifig Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser…

Originally uploaded by Jay-hen

A really nice and simple MOC in minifig scale which would look great in a vignette, you could have loads of Lego office workers talking around the custom water cooler. A nice addition to any Lego town

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єxx insectoid trooper custom minifig mach2

[єxxtrooper™ - fantasy]єxx insectoid trooper

Originally uploaded by єxxtrooper™

Here’s the update of the original insectoid, its more detailed, the weapons are now gold but that brilliant Lego minifig custom head is still there, and it rocks!

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V for Vendetta Custom minifig

V for Vendetta Custom

Originally uploaded by legoloverman

interesting minifig here, the face is sculpted rather than being modified from existing lego parts, not sure if it works too well as the detail, whilst good is a little over kill for a minifig.

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