Treasure Guardian (Mark II) custom minifig

Treasure Guardian (Mark II)

Originally uploaded by Andromula

You’d be wrong in thinking this was Jasbricks minifig, even though it bears some similarities, this is brilliant in its own right though, check out the custom breastplate on the minifig. its fantastic.

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Originally uploaded by Doctor Sinister

A brilliant game…if only it was real, I would have all the minifigs be that annoying twit from star wars 1 that alien dude, he really got on my nerves, the gungen.

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Dolly Parton custom minifig

Ode To Dolly Parton

Originally uploaded by Andrew Colunga

Erm, I can’t really comment on these minifigs…they kind of speak for themselves.

The two heads were attached to the minifig by being wdged onto a 1 by 2 Lego plate and attached to a L-shaped lego minifig frame, the one with the single stud.

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Lego Star wars Red clone trooper custom minifigs

Red clones 2

Originally uploaded by Nannan Z.

These minifigs are amazing, using only Lego parts to customize these minifigs, the torso is from the starwars royal guard minifig, but some how work along side the black clone trooper accessories, I’m guessing the helmets were painted red, but the hair is apparently a standard Lego hair piece and yes, it comes in red. It would be cool to see a whole army of these red clone troopers, i’m sure they would look amazing in a vignette!

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Lego startwars desert assault scout custom minifig

desert assault scout

Originally uploaded by exxtrooperâ„¢

take a standard Lego Starwars clone minifig, and add a highly detailed desert camouflage decal to virtuall every surface of the minifig and ta-da! custom minifig starwars desert scout clone trooper. There are over 30 decals on this minifig, and it took 2 hours to make the decals and a further 3 hours to apply them to the minifig, pretty hardcore if you as me!

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