SWAT custom minfig

SWAT guy w/ PA-ARc

Originally uploaded by PoиcнoPєиgυιи

Heres an interesting take on a Lego SWAT minifig, it looks like its purist, but the interesting thing is the combination of parts, you wouldn’t expect there to be a Japanese samurai helmet on a SWAT team, but hey, it seems to work ok.

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Ozzy Osbourne custom minifig

Ozzy Osbourne custom minifig by Mr Spielbrick

Ozzy Osbourne was once known for chewing the head off a live bat, on stage, claiming to be the Prince of Darkness, but after watching the Osbournes, I have to say he’s about as threatening as a moth. Heres a custom minifig of the dark prince, you’ll notice the new new Pirate Captain torso being put to good use.

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Starcraft Marines custom minifigs

Starcraft Marines custom minifigs by Jerrec

OK so not strictly custom minifigs but rather MOCs, these are based on the starcraft tarren marines, they use a whole range of interesting join and build combinations, and the minifig helmets really seal the deal with these custom MOCs

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chaos warrior custom minifig

chaos warrior custom minifig by zbeam82

this minifig looks like its still a work in progress, as you can see, the foundations are based on standard lego minifig parts, with greenstuff moulded on it to create the more interesting shapes and details, such as the star on the shield and the mask on the helmet, this is the part of minifig customization that is really detailed and delivers truely unique custom minifigs.

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Space Pig custom minifig

Space Pig custom minifigby chaosfish1

a highly unusual custom minifig, whilst the paint job and the chest piece and gun aren’t totally perfect, the pig head is awesome, its made up of what looks lke two lego hands and a patrick head (from the sponge bob Lego series), the only weakness in the head is how it fits in with the Lego minifig torso, thats a little odd.

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