custom army

(by Kurasaybo)

A very inpressive pic of a bunch of custom minifigs, all by one man, this must have taken ages. This is a good idea, take 18 of  the new power miners minifigures, paint them , add some custom accesories and you have your own little custom army. This is only a WIP, they will probaly have a bunch of weapons in the finish, it’s only 75% now, can’t wait to see 100%.

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Bith Berserker


(by Saint of Killer)

Now this is a nice fig, wiht a nicely done custom headpice, I have to find out how he made it, it’s brilliant! I remember these guys from the star wars movies, in the cantina, and know they have guns, it’s like pink bunnys wiht rocket launcher. I know this guy have a axe and all but I can’t stop loving these cantina band guys :D.

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Trouser Chain

skinny boy

(by Skinny Boy )

Very nice use of the new TLC minifg parts. Notice the chain detail on his leg, and the Agents bad guys logo torso works well on this gangster/street like minifig. There are also a brickarms prototype here, a bayonet, I think it’s supposed to be some kind of a knife, but it works well.

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The silencer Lego space pirate custom minifig

The silencer Lego space pirate custom minifig
The silencer Lego space pirate custom minifig by Lt. de Martinet

I really like the blackness of this custom minifig, with only the slightest of detail in colour, it really gives the minifig an ominous look about him, also, interestingly check out the way the Lego starwars, clone wars clone trooper chest pieces have been used as shoulder pads, very original and gives the custom minifig a very unique look.

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Lego KillZone custom minifigs

Lego KillZone custom minifigs
Lego KillZone custom minifigs by kingbrick

Hazels working on some custom Killzone Jin Roh Helghast custom minifigs, but they are will a while from being finished, in the mean time you can enjoy these purist lego custom minifigs, I think you’ll agree that whist they aren’t perfect or look similar to the Killzome Helghast characters, its a good effort especially when there isn’t much that compares that Lego makes that could be use for a custom minifig Jin roh Helghast.

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