Lego ARC-170 Pilot custom minifig

Lego ARC-170 Pilot custom minifig
Lego ARC-170 Pilot custom minifig by Morgan190

check out the surprising well proportioned gas mask on this custom minifig based on the star wars theme, its brilliant, and interestingly actually from a different toy altogether, but its perfectly proportioned for this custom minifig, and fits well with what would otherwise have been a straight forward Star wars Lego fighter pilot.

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Lego Caelie A’mar custom minifig

Lego Caelie A'mar custom minifig
Lego Caelie A’mar custom minifig by Morgan190

A really nice custom minifig created for a Lego competition, the cape around her neck is made from scuply and is actually really good, its surprising well made and beats using yet more fabric parts.

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LEGO killzone Helghast custom minifigs

LEGO killzone Helghast custom minifigs
LEGO killzone Helghast custom minifigs by joris.blok

So it seems like Killzone Helghasts, that are pretty much Jin roh characters are going to be the new big thing for minifig customizers, interestingly Killzone 2 is going to be out soon as well.

Anywyas back to these custom minifigs, the gas masks are really cool and the weapons are made for Lego parts cooler yet however are the flags which are a really interesting use of the Org flag. I can’t get over how the gas masks on these custom minifigs is made, and they work really well

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HAZEL-Fantsy -APC,TANK instruction GET THEM HERE

You asked for them and HAZEL, made them, now Custom minifig is going to help distribute them, sign up to our forum, and once approved you’ll get one of the instructions totally FREE! so you can make your own custom Gears of War Tank, if you’re keen to get the parts we’ll also be providing you with a discount from some of our partnered bricklink stores.

to make sure you’re going to get one of these instructions, make sure you sign up to our forum with a valid email address.

as for the other instruction set, well, you’ll just have to see! Who knows, you might get this absolutely free just for reading this blog ;)

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Berets by woody6402

custom minifig berets from woody, i’m not sure about these as they look like they are made of foam and the shapes are a little off, but still, credit, making a beret for a custom minifig is quite hard, as the proportions are all wrong.

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