Space Corps Custom Minifigure


Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

This Space Corps Custom Minifigure is the second release from G-Bricks.

The head and vest pieces are removable, and the shoulder lamp is a separate piece, which can be left off . Each of the legs on the “Space parasite” is cast as a separate pieces, so the legs can be fixed into whatever position the customizer wishes, or shortened if required.

The head used on this example is a Recon head by eclipsegrafx.

Perfect for painting, this sculpted and cast Space Corps Custom Minifigure is packed full of small details. If you are fan of the Alien films then this minifigure is a must!

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Flashpoint Batman LED Custom Minifigure


Photo courtesy of Tower Customs

This Flashpoint Batman Custom Minifigure has an LED fitted in the custom made mask which is a fantastic idea and looks amazing.

He features sculpted muscles, armour and straps and the belt is actually a MinifigCat Tactical Belt G9.

The painting is a very high quality and the abs really stand-out, along with the contrasting red pouches. Finally the two cape idea completes the minifigure nicely.

Overall a great custom minifigure and I love the light up mask.

Well done!

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American Dream Custom Minifigure


Shannon Carter is the niece of S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Sharon Carter and grew up idolizing Captain America. Although she does not possess any super human powers, American Dream is in peak physical condition and is a skilled martial artist and an Olympic level athlete.


This American Dream Custom Minifigure is a UV Digital printed minifigure by LeYiLeBrick. She features a double sided head and double sided printed torso. With 36 degree printing to the legs as well as arm printing, she has a blonde LEGO hair piece and Captain America shield.

Buy this American Dream Custom Minifigure now at while stocks last.

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Scarlet Spider Joseph Wade Custom Minifigure


An undercover FBI agent assigned to investigate the new Doctor Octopus, Carolyn Trainer, Joe Wade is discovered and forced to undertake a virtual reality graft. Carolyn turns him into a hard-light holographic duplicate of the Scarlet Spider, in order to ruin his good name.


This Scarlet Spider Joseph Wade Custom Minifigure is a high quality UV digitally printed minifigure by LeYiLeBrick and features a single sided head, double sided printed torso with printing to the front of the legs and arms.

Shop the full range of custom minifigures by LeYiLeBrick now.

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The Great Brickish Bake Off Custom Minifigures


Mini have joined in with The Great Brickish Bake Off with these fantastic digitally printed Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood Custom Minifigures.

Mary Berry has been gracing our TV screens for years. So dust off your cook book and gather up the ingredients to create the ultimate recipe for the perfect Minifigure! While, Paul Hollywood has been making the ladies swoon for years, with his sharp looks, wit and ability to cook.

Each minifigure comes with a great accessory and features printed packaging.

You can buy these The Great Brickish Bake Off Custom Minifigures at Mini now.

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