Onlinesailin Spider-Man Custom Minifigures

Onlinesailin Spider-Man Custom Minifigures

Onlinesailin has just released a number of Spider-Man related custom minifigures. These high quality digitally printed minifgures come with some excellent designs. Pictured above is Agent Venom and Ben Reilly Spider-Man and below Spider-Man 2099.

Spider-Man 2099 Onlinesailin Custom Minifigure

They have also released a number of Spider-Man villains including this excellent Kraven custom minifigure.

Kraven Onlinesailin Custom Minifigures

You can now buy Onlinesailin’s range of custom Super Heroes Minifigures at

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Onlinesailin Minifig MOC Challenge

Onlinesailin Minifig MOC Challenge

Here is an upcoming contest from Onlinesailin! Beginning March 1st 2016, all of you LEGO fans out there will have a chance to join in a month of MOC-building awesomeness for a chance to win some pretty sick prizes!

What kind of prizes? Well, some fantastic cash vouchers for Onlinesailin’s ebay store, as well as a chance at owning the contest-exclusive Black Lantern Batman, which will be strictly limited to this contest!

So if you want the chance to join your fellow LEGO Superhero lovers in a fun contest with the opportunity for some neat swag, this contest is probably for you! Join The Onlinesailin Group on Flickr if you are wanting to participate and stay tuned! Because the contest starts next week!

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Black Canary Custom Minifigure

Blonde Vigilante Custom Minifigure

This Black Canary (Blonde Vigilante) Custom Minifigure is another exciting new release by SH Custom Minifigs and follows of from their hugely success Archer Custom Minifigure.

Super Heroes collectors have been asking for a Black Canary custom minifigure for ages and they won’t be disappointed with this release.

This high quality pad printed Blonde Vigilante features a single sided printed head, double sided torso and single sided printed legs. She comes with arm printing, a custom made hairpiece by Christo and and she is armed with 2 black LEGO 4L bars for a weapon.

Archer & Blonde Vigilante Custom MinifiguresAvailable in limited numbers they look great together!

You can buy this Blonde Vigilante Custom Minifigure at while stocks last.

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Future Support Gunner Set

Future Support Gunner Set

Photo courtesy of Toxogen

This Future Support Gunner Custom Minifigure is a moulded set by G-Bricks and has been painted to a very high level by Toxogen. The painted camouflage is amazingly detailed, and the blue visor in my opinion is the stand-out feature.

The weapon looks excellent and the contrasting yellow pouches works well.

Well done!

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Augmented Soldier Custom Minifigure

Augmented Soldier Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of McLovin1309

This Augmented Soldier Custom Minifigure looks amazing and features a robotic arm using one of Pecovam’s Crysis sculptures.

As with all McLovin1309’s customs the paint work is of a very high quality and the black and white colour scheme looks really good and for me one of the stand-out features is the bright orange visor.

Finally the painted weapon looks great and the photograph really showcases this excellent custom minifigure.

Well done!

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