SFOD-D Squad Custom Minifigures

SFOD-D Squad Custom Minifigures

Photo courtesy of KalSkirata

This SFOD-D Squad is an excellent bunch of custom minifigures! They feature from left to right: The Machine Gunner with a M249, Rifleman, another Rifleman, and Marksman with a modified M14 EBR.

They all feature a high quality painted multicam on the legs, and two feature heads by eclipseGrafx. The rolled up sleeves are a great touch while other detailing such as the knee pads, pouches and wireless is by Tiny Tactical. The beard and scarves have been sculpted and then painted.

Overall these custom minifigures have been nicely painted and have some great combinations! Well done!

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Valkyrie Destroyer Custom Minifigure

Valkyrie Destroyer Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

This Valkyrie Destroyer mixes official LEGO pieces with third party compatible venders, and the result is an excellent custom minifigure. The black wings are from a Legends of Chima minifigure, and the legs are by eclipseGrafx.

I really like the brass ammo which comes from a BrickArms minigun. It clips nicely to the black LEGO two barrel pistol, and the silver missiles are a nice touch clipped to the wings.

Overall some nice combinations making a great minifigure!

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LEGO Batman Custom Tumbler

LEGO Batman Custom Tumbler

This custom made LEGO Batman Custom Tumbler is made from 119 brand new LEGO parts and is the exact match of Banes Tumbler in set 76001. All the Tan, Dark Tan and Orange pieces have been replaced with Black and Trans Black.

LEGO Batman & Banes Tumblers

If you already own Banes tumbler then this is a great addition, or you are just looking for an affordable Tumbler. Batman does fit in although you need to remove the steering wheel piece, due to the size of his pointy ears!

You can buy this LEGO Batman Custom Tumbler at Minifigures.co.uk now.

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LEGO Military Quad Bike MOC

Military Quad Bike Mini Build

Photo courtesy of Project Azazel

This LEGO Military Quad Bike Moc (My Own Creation) is a very nice LEGO mini build. It is packed full of detail and can carry 3 guns and has backpacks which can be used as medic packs. There is also a clever use of the LEGO Friends handlebar as a cargo rack.

The two custom combat minifigures look really nice and are carrying Britsh Assualt rifles by Combat Bricks. The tactical vests look really good along with the helmets and goggles.

Overall a great photograph and mini build.

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We Are Ghosts Custom Minifigure

We Are Ghosts Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of Geoshift

This We Are Ghosts is an excellent custom minifigure inspired of course by the Call of Duty Ghosts video game and features some highly detailed Brick Affliction pieces including the hands and tactical vest.

The painted detailing is to a very high standard and the colour combinations while not realistic colours work very well together. He is carrying a modified M4 weapon and the background really sets the scene.

Finally the head looks amazing and overall this is a truly awesome custom minifig!


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