Green Lantern Alan Scott Custom Minifigure

Green Lantern Alan Scott

Unlike others who bear the name “Green Lantern,” Alan Scott’s power does not come from the Guardians of the Universe, but from the Starheart, a magical entity once imprisoned by the Guardians. The Starheart found its way to Earth where in 1939, in the shape of a lantern, it saved Alan from a train wreck.

Alan Scott Custom Minifigure

This Alan Scott Custom Minifigure is a high quality pad printed minifigure and the second release by Paris Custom Bricks. He features a double sided head and blonde LEGO hair piece. He also comes with a double sided torso, printing to the front and sides of the legs and purple and green custom cape.

Finally this minifigure comes with a very nice printed collectors card which is numbered /80.

You can buy this Green Lantern Alan Scott Custom Minifigure at while stocks last.

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BrickWarriors Mine Sweeper Collection

The German conquest across western Europe was highlighted by the Battle of France, whereby the Axis forces took majority control of France, essentially marking the fall of France. But the French did not go out without a fight, helped by their combat engineers called Sappers, specialized soldiers who laid and cleared minefields among other construction responsibilities during battle.

BrickWarriors have released this Mine Sweeper Collection which features Barbed Wire, Land Mine, Wire Cutters and a Mine Detector available in Black or Steel. Prefect for WWII MOCS!

Shop the Mine Sweeper Collection by BrickWarriors now.


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FirestarToys Evil Villains Custom Minifigures

FirestarToys Evil Villains Custom Minifigures

Firestar Toys have just released a range of digitally printed Evil Villains Custom Minifigures.

Superhero minifigures wouldn’t have anything to do if they didn’t have evil Supervillains to fight, so these really nasty baddies in minifigure form have arived to keep them busy.

Baron Von Strucken – A very disturbing past, starting with WW1 & WW2, led him to become one of the founding members Hydra.

Crossfire – a CIA interrogation expert who uses mind control to fight superheroes.

Buy these Custom Design Minifigures at Firestar Toys now.

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Micro-Man Custom Minifigure

Micro-Man Custom Minifigure

This Micro-Man Custom Minifigure is the 4th minifigure to be released by KO Custom Minifigs.

He features a custom injection molded and chromed plated helmet, special partially red chromed head and custom pad printing all around.

Micro-Man Custom Minifigure Parts

He comes in special collectable packaging and a trading card is included.

You can buy this Micro-Man Custom Minifigure at now.

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UG Minifigures Wave 2

Following on from the success of Wave 1, Ug Minifigures are back with a second wave which consists of these amazing Zebra Batman and Human Torch custom minifigures.

Zebra Batman Custom Minifigure

Both these minifigures are very high quality pad printed custom minifigures. Zebra Batman features a printed Bat cowl and custom printed cape while Human Torch features a custom hair piece.

Human Torch Custom Minifigure

They both look excellent and will be hugely popular!

You can buy both these UG Minifigures at while stocks last.

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