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Cupid Custom Minifigure

Cupid Custom Minifigure

This digitally printed Cupid Custom Minifigure by Firestar Toys will help your celebrate Valentines Day. Not only does he feature a stunning custom print design, along with angel wings and a double sided head, he also is armed with a heart flicking crossbow!

That’s right, his crossbow will flick hearts at your love target, and once hit, you will live happily ever after in LEGO lala land!

You can buy this Cupid Custom Minifigure at FST Custom Minifigures now!

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US MARSOC Marine Custom Minifigure

US MARSOC Marine Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of MHU Customs

This US MARSOC Marine Custom Minifigure by MHU Customs is inspired by the Damtoys 1/6 scale MARSOC action figure and looks great!

The tactical vest is made from a plastic card and the backpack and pouches are made from FIMO stuff. The helmet is by SI-DAN and has been modified with fabric straps, and the headset is glued to the helmet.

The minifigure has then been painted and the camouflage pattern has come out really nice.

Overall, a lot of hard work and thought has gone into making this military custom minifigure, and the result is a good looking minifigure with lots of great detailing.

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Doctor Strange Painted Custom Minifigures

Doctor Strange Painted Custom Minifigures

Photo courtesy of MGF Customs/Reviews

These Doctor Strange Painted Custom Minifigures are by MGF Customs/Reviews and look amazing. Inspired by the recent movie the characters are Doctor Strange, Karl Mordo, The Ancient One and Kaecilius.

MGF Customs/Reviews has made a bullet point description of each minifigure:

Doctor Strange

  • Sanded and fully painted BvS Superman hairpiece.
  • Painted face to match the likeness of the batch of cumber.
  • New, painted CapeMadness collar accessory with three slots that wrap around the torso post in order to keep it tight around his head.
  • CapeMadness mid-cape with painted detail on the back.
  • Torso features two layers of painted CapeMadness fabric, an actual Eye of Agamotto necklace made with thread, several layers of painted 3D straps (whose details continue to the sides of the torso), tassel ring, and sling ring on the left.
  • Modified and fully painted CapeMadness waistcape, with a smaller piece underneath the main body of it.
  • Actual tassel was the most challenging accessory to make on the figure, and is comprised of actual thread pieces.

Karl Mordo

  • Entire head was kept from the original minifigure.
  • Torso features a fully painted layer of fabric, 3D belt layers, and a 3D strap.
  • Back of the torso features three painted fabric pieces, and more 3D belt layers along with a continuation of the strap.
  • Painted a modified CapeMadness waist cape with pieces of thread individually glued onto the front and back.
  • Mordo’s equipped with The Staff of the Living Tribunal, a painted bar piece (it was a real pain to keep everything even).

The Ancient One

  • Her face was kept from the original minifigure, however I erased all additional, inaccurate designs.
  • Front of her torso has two 3D layers, and the back has five, three of which are fabric.
    Sculpted sleeves.
  • Additional pieces of modified fabric are attached to the sides of the torso.
  • Painted and modified CapeMadness waistcape with two additional modified pieces underneath to create the thinner pieces that drape over her legs.


  • Hairpiece used is from Will Turner/Mr. Gibbs of the Pirates of the Carribean line, sanded a bit, with painted pieces of shipping labels made to represent the cuffs he has in his hair (by far the most difficult part about making this figure).
  • Fully painted face, and believe it or not the eye effect was more time consuming than challenging lol.
  • Like Mr. Strange and Mordo, Kaecilius has fabric on the front and back of his torso before any paint was applied.
  • Two pieces of thread are glued to the front of his torso that drape over his legs, and two buttons are onto glued to his back as well.
  • Similar waist cape format to Strange’s, but much more precisely cut to match Kaecilius. Then of course plenty of painted detail applied after.
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Ygritte Custom Minifigure

Ygritte Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of billbobful

Ygritte is a character from Game of Thrones and is a Wildling woman fierce and headstrong. In wildling culture she is known as a spearwife: a woman who is also a warrior.

This Ygritte Custom Minifigure features a very nice sculpted coat which is made out of procreate. The bow and quiver are by BrickWarriors, and the hair is a modified LEGO Qui-Gon Jinn hair piece.

The custom minifigure has then been nicely painted and the coat has a rugged look which works perfectly.

Easily recognisable as Ygritte – great work!

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Boba Fett Painted Custom Minifigure

Boba Fett Painted Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of GIOVANNI

This Boba Fett Painted Custom Minifigure is a high quality production sculpted minifigure by GIOVANNI which when painted looks amazing.

The jet pack is removable, giving him different options for display by drilling a hole in his back and gluing a peg into the jet pack.

The EE-3 rifle is made of multiple Brickarms guns. GIOVANNI used the Springfield for the scope, Magnum for the body, the DH-17 for the barrel and a Sabr Shotgun for the stock.

The contrasting painted colour scheme always looks great on Boba Fett. The orange shoulder pads and green armuor plating really blend in well with the grey under-suit.

Overall the detailing on the sculpt looks fantastic and the paintwork makes him easily recognisable. I especially like the battle worn areas.

Well done!

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