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Green Lantern Painted Custom Minifigure


Photo courtesy of shoco1010

shoco1010 is in my opinion one of the best painters of Super Heroes minifigures on Flickr. This Green Lantern custom minifigure looks amazing and everything is painted rather than printed.

The detailing is excellent especially the Green Lantern symbol, the mask and the ab muscles really pop out.

Overall another great minifigure by  shoco1010.

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Tom Clancys The Division Custom Minifigure


Photo courtesy of McLovin1309

This Tom Clancy’s The Division Custom Minifigure by McLovin looks excellent. The highly detailed custom minifigure is from Brick Affliction’s new Division set
and features the trapper hat by G-Bricks.

The ACR weapon is from G-Bricks Task Force Operator set, which has a Tiny Tactical ACOG Scope attached to it.

For a more detailed description check out McLovin’s fantastic showcase video:

Overall the painting is done to a very high level and it is a nice touch that the vibrant colours are set against the more muted colours of the clothing.

Great work!

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Painted Suicide Squad Custom Minifigures


Photo courtesy of MGF Customs

These Painted Suicide Squad Custom Minifigures by MGF Customs look amazing. The level of painted detailing looks incredible.

Painted to a very high level my favourites are The Joker, Katana and Captain Boomerang. The coats and jackets also look amazing, and the mask on Deadshot looks really good.

Overall a great group of painted custom minifigures.

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Batman Painted Custom Minifigures


Photo courtesy of shoco

Shoco is now a regular on our Custom Minifig blog and his new releases just get better and better. These Batman Custom Minifigures feature fantastic sculpted armour which is then painted to a very high level.

The contrasting colours make the armour stand-out and the custom made Bat Grappling Gun looks amazing.

Well done!

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Apocalyptic Custom Minifigure


Photo courtesy of ~J2J~

This Apocalyptic Custom Minifigure looks great and features a range of third party LEGO compatible weapons including a knife, hand grenade and automatic rifle.

The gas mask is by and the custom trench coat and hood give this minifigure a great apoc feel.

Well done!

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