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Batman Painted Custom Minifigures


Photo courtesy of shoco

Shoco is now a regular on our Custom Minifig blog and his new releases just get better and better. These Batman Custom Minifigures feature fantastic sculpted armour which is then painted to a very high level.

The contrasting colours make the armour stand-out and the custom made Bat Grappling Gun looks amazing.

Well done!

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Apocalyptic Custom Minifigure


Photo courtesy of ~J2J~

This Apocalyptic Custom Minifigure looks great and features a range of third party LEGO compatible weapons including a knife, hand grenade and automatic rifle.

The gas mask is by and the custom trench coat and hood give this minifigure a great apoc feel.

Well done!

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Flashpoint Batman LED Custom Minifigure


Photo courtesy of Tower Customs

This Flashpoint Batman Custom Minifigure has an LED fitted in the custom made mask which is a fantastic idea and looks amazing.

He features sculpted muscles, armour and straps and the belt is actually a MinifigCat Tactical Belt G9.

The painting is a very high quality and the abs really stand-out, along with the contrasting red pouches. Finally the two cape idea completes the minifigure nicely.

Overall a great custom minifigure and I love the light up mask.

Well done!

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Batman Characters Custom Minifigures


Photo courtesy of shoco

We showcase a lot of custom sculpted and painted minifigures, however we are always delighted and amazed when shoco has some new releases.

These Batman Characters (Robin, Red Hood, Joker and Nightwing) feature a range of custom pieces and look fantastic. Highlights include the Joker’s chain and Red Hood’s jacket.

The level of paint work is exceptional and the choice of colours make the minifigures pop out.

Overall these are 4 fantastic super heroes custom minifigures!


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CS:GO SAS Counter Terrorist Custom Minifigure


Photo courtesy of Gabriel D

This SAS Counter Terrorist Custom Minifigure is inspired by the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) video game. Players play as Terrorists or Counter Terrorists, and must complete objectives while attempting to eliminate the enemy team.

This custom minifigure features a number of sculpted pieces which are nice;y detailed including the gas mask, tactical vest and pouches.

He comes with a M4A4 on his back AND a AK47 which have be painted and look great.

Overall this is a very nicely sculpted minifigure – well done!

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