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Arachne Custom Minifigures

Arachne Custom Minifigures

The Arachne Custom Minifigures come with fantastic pad printed double sided female torso’s by Arealight. They have been put together by SH Custom Minifigs and feature double sided LEGO female heads with matching hairpieces and look great as a group.

Individually they are Arachne Custom Minifigure, Superior Arachne Custom Minifigure, and Black Suit (Evil) Arachne Custom Minifigure.

These Arachne Custom Minifigures can be bought individually or together in a special offer from

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The Archer SH Custom Minifigs Custom Minifigure

The Archer SH Custom Minifigs

SH Custom Minifigs are a brand new vendor who are are looking to make an instant impact on the LEGO custom minifigure community with The Archer. Inspired by the Season 4 Green Arrow costume this minifigure is a very high quality pad printed custom minifigure.

Using only brand new LEGO pieces this custom minifigure features a double sided head, front and back torso printing and printing to the front of the legs. He also comes with arm printing and a green LEGO hood.

The Archer Arm Printing

The design looks amazing and the stand-out features include the green mask and the arm printing.

Made in very limited quantities this custom minifgure is sure to sell out very quickly!

You can buy The Archer Custom Minifigure exclusively at while stocks last.


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