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Arachnid Hero Spider-Man Custom Minifigure

Arachnid Hero Spider-Man Custom Minifigure

This fantastic Arachnid Hero Spider-Man Custom Minifigure is by Phoenix Customs and was voted by many Super Heroes LEGO collectors on Flickr as the best custom minifigure of 2014.

This minifigure features high quality pad printing (just like LEGO) almost everywhere, including both the front and back head (featuring silver speckles on the eyes), silver mesh printing on the front torso, back torso, arms, front legs, and side legs.

This is a must for all Spider-Man minifigure collectors and is selling out pretty quick, so don’t miss out! He also comes with a printed collectors card.

You can buy this Arachnid Hero Spider-Man Custom Minifigure at

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Phoenix Customs Custom Minifigures

Phoenix Customs Custom Minifigures

Red Bird (Red Robin) and Kinetic Man (X-Men Gambit) are the first releases from a new USA vendor called Phoenix Customs. Both custom minifigures are pad printed to a very high quality and come with a collectors card.

Both designs are excellent and they come with custom capes. They are very limited edition so don’t miss out on getting them!

You can buy these custom minifigures from their UK reseller

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