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SIDAN Summer Releases


SI-DAN have just release a fantastic range of LEGO compatible bodywear, helmets and guns which are an ideal compliment for any one looking to make custom minifigs. The range is perfect for war or police themes.

SIDAN Weapons

These new multicolour minifigure guns feature over molded plastic and look fantastic.

Check out the full summer range by SI-DAN now.

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Satan’s Cane Sniper Rifle

Satan's Cane Sniper Rifle

Photo courtesy of SHARPSPEED

This Patton Arms X-AMR 7.20 code name Satan’s Cane sniper rifle is an excellent custom build. Inspired by the sniper rifle from the new Mad Max game the painted metallic silver really stands-out against the black making it a weapon not to be messed with.

Great work!

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Minifig.Cat November 2013 Release

Minifig.Cat November 2013 Release

Minifig.Cat have just announced their new November 2013 Release which contains more fantastic guns and accessories:

1. MP5A3-Submachine Gun
2. MP5A5 NAVY-Submachine Gun
3. G21
4. TROS-BG5x-Tactical Reflex Optical Sight
5. MK-23t
6. BG50-Ammo Box
7. K9-Armored Dog Vest
8. BG Parang
9. AK74u
11.Mossberg 590-Shotguns
12.MP5A4-Submachine Gun
13.EB14-Tactical Entry Bar
15.Kinmen Knife
16.GPNVG-18-Night Vision Goggles

There is also a Weapon Systems Pack that includes the following:

12.Silencer (BD23) X2

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SI-DAN TV Arrow Accessories

Photo courtesy of ryffranck029

The TV series Arrow which is based on the fictional superhero Green Arrow, a costumed crime-fighter who appears in comic books published by DC Comics, has been inspiring custom minifigure makers to do their own minifigs, including top designer Christo.

Arrow has also featured appearances by other DC Comics characters such as Slade Wilson, Deadshot, Deathstroke, Black Arrow and The Huntress. We have put together some LEGO compatible pieces by SI-DAN so you can arm you Arrow custom minifigures.

SI DAN Arrow

SI DAN Crossbow BE99 used by The Huntress

SI DAN Gladiator Spartan Sword used by Deathstroke.

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Custom Minifig M110 Sniper Rifle Comparison

M110 Sniper Rifle

LEGO compatible guns are big business as minifigure combat fans arm their minifigs with all the latest gear. We are often asked which is the best third party vendor as LEGO refuse to make army guns, however are quite happy letting other merchants make them to fit their minifigures.

Brick Arms M110 Sniper Rifle (Top)
Combat Brick M110 Sniper Rifle (Bottom)

Made from high quality solid ABS plastic, we thought we would do a comparison of the modern US M110 Sniper Rifle as both BrickArms and CombatBrick have made one. You will instantly notice that Brick Arms have added a suppressor for the silent kills which is pretty cool, while Combat Brick have tried to stay as true as possible to the original design.

Both have the same price point and each has different features which stand-out.  Both companies are a similar quality and do guns the other doesn’t do  so you could definitely mix and match depending what you are looking for. On this particular model I think the scope is better on the Brick Arms model but it all depends if you want a suppressor or not?

If third party weapon vendors want to send me guns to compare, this could become a regular feature?

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