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Minifig.Cat July 2013 Release

Minifig.Cat have just released a new batch of minifigure accessories which includes the highly anticipated Ski Mask and some new tactical vests and belts. There are also a number of helmets and the beret looks really cool.  There is only one weapon in this release and that is the Diplomatic Rifle.

The complete list is:

1. Diplomat Rifle
2. Helmet(IBH-G)
3. Pilot Helmet(HGU-56)
4. Helmet(ACH)
5. Helmet(M2002K)
6. Helmet(LWH)
7. Helmet(PBH)
8. Goggles(X500)
9. Beret(BQ7)
10. Tactical Vest(B20)
11. Tactical Vest(Q5)
12. Tactical Belt(G3)
13. Tactical Belt(G4)
14. Grenade(M26)
15. Maxillofacial shield Pilot’s Face Guard(MFS-2)
16. Ski Mask(Q3A)
17. Gas Mask(M17)
18. Hydration Pack(CQ1)
19. Night Vision(PVS-14)

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Minifigure Display Cases

If you are fed up of dusty custom minifigures and want to showcase them, then a display case is a good idea. There are 3 different sizes available at FireStar Toys.

The single Minifigure Display Case comes with a choice of base colours including black, blue, green, pink, red, tan, yellow or white. It will also protect your minifigure against damage.

If you are looking for something bigger then this case is available holding 8 or 16 minifigures. They are stackable and the large display case has 16 compartments which include 4 x 6 grid plates. Just push the release button to open the case. The display case measures approx 42cm x 18cm.

Shop these minifigure accessories now.

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