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LEGO Nomad Custom Build

LEGO Nomad Build

Photo courtesy of Tiler

This LEGO Nomad Custom Build is a post-apocalyptic assault vehicle inspired by the Mad Max Fury Road movie. The attention to detail is amazing and I really like the frame of the vehicle along with all the stowed equipment at the back.

The minifigures blend in perfectly which are some great combination’s of LEGO torso’s and legs.

Overall, this is a fantastic custom build.

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UM-6 and UM-5 War Dolls

UM-6 and UM-5 War Dolls

Photo courtesy of mondayn00dle

These LEGO UM-6 and UM-5 War Dolls are fantasic monochromatic builds and come with a great cockpit mechanism so you can add a minifigure.

Stand-out features include the domes, rocket pods and the feet.

Amazing work!

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Warhammer 40k Marine Hardsuit

Warhammer 40k Marine Hardsuit

Photo courtesy of Devid VII

This Warhammer 40k Marine Hardsuit is inspired by the photos of Warhammer 40k on the Internet. The LEGO minibuild looks great with a lot of detail in only a small number of pieces. It is also really nice that it is poseable and the proportions are just right.

Finally, the build of the gun looks pretty cool too!

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Robocycle Custom Mini Build

Robocycle Mini Build

Photo courtesy of Project Azazel

This small custom LEGO Robocycle mini build looks really good and features the 2014 movie inspired high quality digitaly printed Robocop custom minifigure by Brick Moc.

The detail at this small scale is really good especially the mount for the front forks and the front piece.

Nice work!

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LEGO Batman Custom Tumbler

LEGO Batman Custom Tumbler

This custom made LEGO Batman Custom Tumbler is made from 119 brand new LEGO parts and is the exact match of Banes Tumbler in set 76001. All the Tan, Dark Tan and Orange pieces have been replaced with Black and Trans Black.

LEGO Batman & Banes Tumblers

If you already own Banes tumbler then this is a great addition, or you are just looking for an affordable Tumbler. Batman does fit in although you need to remove the steering wheel piece, due to the size of his pointy ears!

You can buy this LEGO Batman Custom Tumbler at now.

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