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G-Bricks Space Range

G-Bricks Space Range

Firestar Toys have a very limited supply of these highly specialised minifigure kits from G-Bricks. They’re aimed at hobbyist who like to paint there own incredible designs and are really for display rather than play.

Get the Space Corps, Alien Warrior and Alien Facehugger before stocks run out!

Shop G-Bricks Space Range now!

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G-Bricks Cast Pieces

G-Bricks Cast Pieces

Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

G-Bricks have just releases a new collection of casts which are available to buy through his Flickr page:

Top left: is a new molle vest sculpt. This has intentionally been left very plain (no hoods or groin plates etc) but it does come with a really nice removable shemagh, which allows a standard head piece to slot right down flush with the top of the torso, instead of pushing the head piece up.

Top middle is a recast of his GPNVG’s.

Top right are 2 new sets of arm and glove combo’s: left is t-shirt and elbow pads and right is long sleeve generic military shirt.

Left middle: is a recast of his older Spec Ops headpiece. This has be reworked a little, so that the helmet comes down a little further at the back and there is also a counter weight at the back.

Centre: Tactical Mando set. As mentioned this is available as a set and this also features a knife sculpt which didn’t feature in the original sculpt that I uploaded a while back.

Middle right: recast of his ACR rifle.

Bottom left: Military leg assembly.

Bottom middle: Sunglasses. These can be used for marksman glasses and look great paired with an Ops Core helmet, or baseball cap etc.

Bottom right: Glove sculpts.

G-Bricks New Parts & Recasts

Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

The top row are all new sculpts and consist of:

-Twin Vector mag pouches

-Medic pouch

-x2 LMG pouches

-Belt bag/fanny pack/bumbag or whatever else it’s called where you’re from ; D

-Miscellaneous storage pouch

-Triple AR mag pouches

The second row are recasts of the better pouches from my previous pouch set.

At the bottom there is a Baseball cap with headset sculpt, which also has a hairline at the back, which can be easily removed with a blade if need be.

The last piece is a redesign of his Ops Core Base version helmet. It just has a better shape with a thicker front wall, the bungees and rails are more detailed and just look better.

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Joint Operation Custom Minifigures

Joint Operation Custom Minifigures

Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

G-Bricks have given EclipseGrafx’s Ghost custom mininigure an excellent update with some CombatBrick vests, and G-Bricks accessories that include Shemagh’s, gloves, belt, bag and baseball cap/headset.

The stand-out feature on both these minifigures are the sculpted gloves – they look fantastic!

Great work!

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Juggernaut Army of Two Custom Minifigure

Juggernaut Army of Two Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of R.Goff1


This Juggernaut Army of Two Custom Minifigure looks amazing! The Ballistic mask and Interceptor vest are Modern Brick Warfare exclusives while the Ballistic mask has been modded. The fit was not that great, so G-Bricks did a bit of drilling on the inside so that the eye’s would show through the eye holes properly and the clips and hair was sculpted onto it.

The vest was made by cutting away the inside plate that sits on top of the shoulders of the torso, so that the vest sits lower down. Then the groin plate has been sculpted. The arms are a new G-Bricks part which features t-shirt sleeves and elbow pads.

Lastly, the weapon is a BrickArms M249 Para with an added carry handle.

Stand-out features include the fantastic helmet and the sculpted groin looks awesome. The paint work is exceptional with a great choice of colours and overall a very high quality custom minifigure.

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SFOD-D Marksman Custom Minifigure

SFOD-D Marksman Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

This SFOD-D Marksman Custom Minifigure is loosely inspired by the character Frost from the MW3 video game.

Using a G-Bricks cast Spec Ops head piece which has now been updated and recast, this custom minifigure is packed full of detailing and painted to a high level. I especially like the contrast between the tan camo and the black of the tactical vest.

The Marksman rifle is a heavily modded BrickArms M110 and now has added rails, bipod, and foregrip. The stock has been changed for a carbine stock and added lens caps to add a little more detail.

For the sculpting G-Bricks uses ProCreate and for the paints either Citadel or P3.

Overall another great custom minifigure by G-Bricks!

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