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eclipseGrafx Mission Rio De Janeiro Wave

eclipseGrafx Mission Rio De Janeiro Minifigures

eclipseGrafx Mission has just released their third minifigure from the Mission Rio De Janeiro theme and he is called PsyOps Support (right). Specter Rio De Janeiro (middle) who we have reviewed was released first followed by the equally amazing Reaper minifigure (left).

PsyOps Support minifigures go through rigorous training in order to remove their old identity and instil the Loyalty, Proficiency, Discipline, and the drive for Excellence. PsyOps Support Units are Loyal to the Core and will selflessly give their lives to support Phantom V.

PsyOps Support eclipseGrafx Custom Minifigures

This PsyOps Support minifigure is cheaper than the Reaper and Specter as it is meant to be an army builder. To keep the cost down it does not come with any side leg printing however I can see the head and printed arm being used on a lot of other custom minifigures.

Both the PsyOps Support and Reaper custom minifigures are by eclipseGrafx are available to buy at If you like combat minifigures I definitely wouldn’t miss out on getting these 2 fantastic minifigs!

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eclipseGrafx Hunter Redux Minifigures

eclipseGrafx Hunter Redux Minifigures

Due to popular demand eclipseGrafx have updated their hugely popular Hunter combat minifigure. Available in light flesh, brown or yellow each minifigure comes with printed muscle arms, four-sided torso printing, a printed head, and full printed boots with Tiger Stripe Camo printed legs.

eclipseGrafx Hunter Brown and Light Flesh Minifigures

Each minifigure comes with a different weapon but they all come with a Dark Olive BrickArms M1 Pot Helmet and an eclipseGrafx Trading card.

You can buy these 3 custom minifigures from eclipseGrafx UK reseller now!

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eclipseGrafx Winter 2013 Releases

eclipseGrafx Winter 2013 Releases

EclipseGrafx released three custom minifigures as part of their Winter 2013 Release. These were The Captain and Cold War soldier inspired by the 2014 Captain America The Winter Soldier movie, and Reaper a continuation of the Specter theme.

The Captain eclipseGrafx Custom Minigure Front

UV Digitally printed The Captain has an amazing amount of design on it, and is printed all the way around. He comes with a LEGO Captain America shield and looks great!

Cold War Soldier eclipseGrafx Custom Minifigure Front

This Cold War Soldier Custom Minifigure is UV digitally printed and looks amazing. Packed full of detailing he comes with a double sided head and a revolver and automatic rifle.

Reaper eclipseGrafx Custom Minifigure Front

Whenever eclipseGrafx release a minifigure from the Specter series there is always something unique. Specter Rio De Janeiro came with pad printed hands and the new Reaper comes with a printed bandana! Again packed full of detailing and UV digitally printed, he comes with  a knife and automatic rifle and we predict this minifigure is set to sell out quick!

You can buy these 3 custom minifigures from eclipseGrafx UK reseller now!

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eclipseGrafx Military Assault Class Trooper Minifigures

New York custom minifigure designers eclipseGrafx have just released these fantastic Military Assault Class Troopers. They are available in tan or olive and come with a range of BrickArms and pieces and guns. They are priced at £15 which is great value for a minifigure that is digitally printed on all sides including the arms.

eclipseGrafx Military Assualt Class Troopers Night Vision Olive

As always eclipseGrafx has spent a lot of time designing the torsos and the detailing is fantastic. He comes with a tactical vest that has several pouches and glow sticks, as well as a scarf.

eclipseGrafx Military Assualt Class Troopers Tan

The back printing also has so more more pouches. The legs come with a digitally printed multicam print and feature pockets and kneepads. The feet look excellent too. The arm printing is very nice and he has a pocket on each shoulder.

Be sure to check out this video review: have these Military Assault Class Trooper Custom Minifigures in stock so get them now.

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The Justice Kids By eclipseGrafx

The Justice Kids By eclipseGrafx

EclipseGrafx is a New York custom minifigure designer who likes to push the boundaries when it comes to designing and printing minifigures. He was one of, if not the first person to print on LEGO hands when he released the Specter Rio De Janeiro.

EclipseGrafx have just released all the main members of Young Justice. These are a group of teenaged sidekicks and protégés attempting to establish themselves as proven superheroes. The original six members are Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, Aqualad, Miss Martian and Artemis.

Red Wing eclipseGrafx Custom MinifigureThis Red Wing Custom Minifigure features 360 degree digital printing and looks amazing. As well as printing on head, torso, and legs he also has sleeve printing on the arms. He comes with a custom black and yellow cloak.

Kid Speedster eclipseGrafx Custom MinifigureKid Speedster is our personal favourite of the 6 new minifigures and features an amazing torso print. Once again he is digitally printed on all sides and has arm and elbow printing. His hair piece is dyed orange to match his character.

Power Boy eclipseGrafx Custom Minifigure

Power Boy is another custom minifigure with some great detailing, and once again is digitally printed. The belt looks excellent along with the S logo, and he too features sleeve printing on the arms.

Water Lad eclipseGrafx Custom MinifigureThis Water Lad custom minifigure features very nice arm and torso printing and is digitally printed. The back printing on the torso is excellent.

Martian Girl eclipseGrafx Custom Minifigure

Miss Martain has a very nice face print which features freckles and she is digitally printed on all sides. Again she comes with shoulder printing and a blue cape.

Artemisa eclipseGrafx Custom MinifigureArtemisa is the final member of the team and has the most printing. The legs have a lot of detail, and she features head, arm and tosro printing. She also comes with a bow and quiver.

The Justice Kids make one fantastic team and eclipseGrafx has made an excellent job in releasing them. have all these Justice Kids Custom Minifigures in stock so get them now as only 100 were made of each.

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