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Blade Christo Custom Minifigure

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Blade

One of the characters to unlock in the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game was a comic book version of Blade which was a bit of a surprise. We are excited to announce that Christo has just released a custom minifigure of this iconic character.

Blade Christo Custom Minifigure

This is a very high quality pad printed minifigure and made in very limited numbers. Blade features a double sided head print, double sided torso print, and printing to the front and side of the legs. He also comes with an excellent custom made hair piece.

You can buy this Blade Custom Minifigure at now.

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Christo Batman Beyond Custom Minifigure

Christo Batman Beyond Custom Minifigure

Christo has just released this fantastic pad printed Batman Beyond Custom Minifigure. As always with his minifigures the design is clean and the quality is amazing.

Batman Beyond TV show depicted a teenaged Batman in a futuristic Gotham City under the tutelage of an elderly Bruce Wayne.

Batman Beyond Christo Custom Minifigures

He features a printed head, and front and back printed torso, and comes with a LEGO Batman cowl and black custom cape.

You can buy this Batman Beyond Custom Minifigure at now.

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Christo Purple Joker Custom Minifigure

Purple Joker Christo Custom Minifigure

Christo released this Purple Joker custom minifigure quite a while ago now, however it is still one of his best releases, and inspired by the Joker character from the 2008 The Dark Knight film played by Heath Ledger.

The Tumbler 76023

LEGO have just released the The Tumbler 76023 inspired by Batman The Dark Knight Trilogy which features Batman and The Joker minifigures.

Overall, this is a great custom minifigure and Christo has released him in a range of colours including black, yellow, orange, white and grey. If the LEGO Tumbler set is too expensive for you, then this Purple Joker will make a great addition to your Batman minifigure collection.

What do you guys think?

You can buy this Christo Purple Joker Custom Minifigure from

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Stan Lee Custom Minifigure

Stan Lee Custom Minifigure

Stan Lee is the Godfather of Marvel who co-created Spider-Man, the Hulk, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Thor, the X-Men, and many other fictional characters in the Marvel universe. Lee has had cameo appearances in many of the Marvel films and features in the LEGO Marvel video game.

This high quality Stan Lee Custom Minifigure is pad printed by Christo and is a must for all Marvel minifigure collectors.

He is available to buy along with other Christo Custom Minifigures at

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Christo’s Green Lantern Corps Custom Minifigures

Christo's Green Lantern Corps Custom Minifigures

To enforce their will and guard against alien menaces of all sorts, the Guardians had created a legion of robotic sentinels called the Manhunters about 3.5 billion years ago. The Manhunters eventually came to resent their servitude and were also viewed as flawed due to their inability to recognize and/or feel fear. They rebelled against the Guardians.

Chastened by the failure of The Manhunters, the Guardians decided that their newest force of soldiers for good would consist of living beings, ones who had free will and strong moral character. To arm this new legion of celestial knights, the Guardians created the Power Rings, rings of inconceivably advanced technology that allowed their wearers to project green beams of energy with which the bearer could conjure objects of any size or shape, limited only by his or her imagination and willpower.

The Green Lantern Corps were thus formed, and they included these fantastic high quality pad printed custom minifigures by Christo. (From left to right: Sinestro, Hal Jordan, Abin Sur and John Stewart)

These Green Lantern custom minifigures are available at while stocks last.

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