Brickforge Diadome Combat Packs

Brickforge Diadome Combat Packs

In a far-off universe the planet Devmitchjo is host to a series of friendly, spectator games called Diadome Combat. Creatures from all DNA fibers enter these competitions for a chance at fame and fortune. The melee games consist of either 1v1 or team skirmish where contenders apply protective vests & wield non-lethal arms in an attempt to score points by striking contact points located at strategic positions on the armor.

The Diadome Combat 2-Pack contains two separate Character Packs: Champion vs. Challenger. Stage your own battle or customize your own minifigure using the colourful weaponry.

Diadome Champion
- ShockTrooper Helmet (Black w/ Lime Visor)
- ShockTrooper Armor (Black w/ Lime Green Crosshairs)
- Utility Belt
- Laser Sword (Lime Green)
- Pulse Ray (White)
- Ninjato (Lime Green)
- Fighting Claw (Lime Green)
- Kunai (Lime Green)
- Throwing Star (Lime Green)

Diadome Challenger
- ShockTrooper Helmet (Black w/ Med Orange Visor)
- ShockTrooper Armor (Black w/ Med Orange Crosshairs)
- Utility Belt
- Laser Sword (Medium Orange)
- Pulse Ray (White)
- Ninjato (Medium Orange)
- Fighting Claw (Medium Orange)
- Kunai (Medium Orange)
- Throwing Star (Medium Orange)

These Diadome Combat Packs will be available online soon from your official Brickforge reseller.

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