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Lab9 Damaged Mk5 Custom Minfigure

Lab9 Damaged Mk5 Custom Minfigure

Following on from their Iron Man MK5 release comes this fantastic damaged version.

Limited to just 80 he features a single sided printed hud head, printed helmet, and metallic printing to the front and back of the torso. He comes with metallic printing to the front and sides of the legs and arm printing.

He also comes with a metal numbered /80 collectors card.

Check out the full range of custom minifigures available by Lab9 now.

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Diamond CustomBricks Uncanny Telepath Custom Minifigure

Uncanny Telepath Diamond CustomBricks Custom Minifigure

This Uncanny Telepath Custom Minifigure is the 7th release by Diamond CustomBricks and looks amazing.

She features a double sided head and custom red hair piece. She comes with a double sided printed torso and 3 sided legs, as well as arm printing. She also has a printed portrait LEGO piece.

Finally she comes packaged in a plastic box with a numbered metal /100 collectors plate.

Be sure to check out all the latest releases by Diamond CustomBricks now.

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Zombie Custom Minifigures

Zombie Custom Minifigures

These 2 digitally printed Zombie custom minifigures are super scary zombies that have just been released by Mini

The Zombie about town, Lord Brainsworth can often be seen flashing his cash at all the top Cerebral dining establishments. This dapper, departed Gentleman is a touch of class when the rest of the city is shambling.

If you find yourself in grave danger, there’s only one zombie you can depend on to be deadicated to saving your brains. With his jaw-dropping powers, he’ll skullfully bury all traces of trouble without ever even breaking a sweat. You can always rely on the amazing and cadaverous Zombieman to keep a ghoul head while peril is near.

Each custom minifigure comes in a printed plastic blister packaging with the accessories shown in the picture.

You can buy these Zombie Custom Minifigures at Mini now.

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Arealight BCR Heavy Trooper

Arealight BCR Heavy Trooper

This BCR Heavy Trooper by Arealight is a great new minifigure to their Star Wars line up!

The BCR Heavy Trooper features a dark red one-sided pauldron, dark red waist cape, pad printed legs, arms and torso along with a BCR heavy helmet.

This minifigure is created using their own custom plastic injected pieces in conjunction with official LEGO pieces.

Shop all the latest Arealight arrivals now.

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Huntress & Batman Painted Custom Minifigures

Huntress & Batman Painted Custom Minifigures

Photo courtesy of shoco

The Huntress and Batman are highly skilled painted custom minifigures by Shoco who is regularly featured on our blog.

Huntress features a sculpted black hair piece and mask which looks amazing, and she is then painted to an incredible level which actually looks like it has been pad printed.

Batman also features a sculpted cowl and again the painted detailing and straight lines are insane.

Two fantastic custom minifigures.

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